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ITC League at Guardian Games


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Hey everybody!


Starting in August we will be starting up an ITC league. ITC missions and points.

1850 Pts

3 Detachments Max

No duplicate Detachments

For full rules look here - https://www.frontlinegaming.org/community/frontline-gamings-independent-tournament-circuit/itc-2015-season-40k-tournament-format/



Guardian Games

Wednesday Nights - 6:30 pm (had to be here due to schedule)

$10 Entry for the month which gives 20% off of GW product on league nights!



The purpose of the ITC league is to help foster a healthy competitive environment in the Portland area, practice and test out lists for ITC tournaments, get better as a 40k players, meet like minded competitive players, and of course have fun!


But Competitive = WAAC and That Isn't Fun!

I'll be honest here, I hate the distinction that tournament = WAAC players (win at all costs). The stigma is that competitive tournament players are mean, callous, jerks, who do nothing but try to win at your cost of fun. Simply not true. I've played at a ton of tournaments all over (LVO, BAO, TSHFT, Just A Games Con, Dice Age, Wargames Con, etc). I don't think I've had any bad games at those recently. I'll be honest as well, I have had some of my worst (and best) games at a tournament, but I've also had some of my worst (and best) games in a casual setting. It is the person, not the format, that is WAAC.


We will be fostering an atmosphere of respect and camaraderie to help others get better at 40k. Whether that is in list building, playing, rules, or attitude, it is my sincere hope to to help mold a group of players that are great players and great people so that when they go to a tournament and find out where they play, it will bring others in tow. 


Why ITC?

I get that there are people that don't like the ITC. I get that people don't like the rule changes that happen there. From my perspective (of running an ITC event) the experience has been a very positive one. The ITC is free and has only served to bring local tournament TO's from around the globe together and give them something that helps with attendance (only 13-16 of the 47 players at the last Guardian Cup were local) and gives players something to try to attain through the year. It is also the majority of the tournaments in the area and will be great practice and give players a dedicated day to play ITC style games and missions.


I'd Like To Get Better At 40k But Don't Know Where To Start

Come on down! Bring an 1850 list and do your best. Ask questions and some of the veteran players will surely be there to help you build better lists, show you your mistakes, and coach in being a better players. We are here to help each other become better players and sharpen our skills.


I hope to see you there!


Please don't use this thread to bash the ITC format. Keep it positive and civil please. Create your own thread to do that.


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I know, another thread, but it feels more on topic here.

Nope. We will run an ITC league as well as a casual league. So we have the kinds of games that either set of players want. August is 1850 ITC and 1850 casual Maelstrom.

So, can you further explain the Casual and ITC leagues? Currently, as I understand it, July just has the ITC league at GG. Are you going to be adding a casual league?

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