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Melee Silliness!


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Silliness as in silly-question-time!


SO! Let's set the scene!


You're one of those Marine dudes armed with a chainsword and plasma pistol. With a prayer to the not-quite-dead-guy-on-a-gold-throne, you charge into combat against that genestealer up ahead, hoping for the best!


So a pistol can be used in close-combat... awesome! You get the extra attack and you roll your dice and hit! GO YOU!




Do you use the chain-sword's STR to determine damage for all hits, or can you use the superior damage from the pistol, since it can be used in close combat?


I've flipped between the pages in the book that discuss this, and I am probably just not reading it right, because it sounds like you can, but then it sounds like you have to use the chainsword.


Don't you guys love easy questions? Lay that 40K wisdom on me!



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The profile tells you if it has a melee profile or a rnaged profile.  Sometimes both.  The Plasma Pistol lacks a melee profile.  But as it is a pistol it gives you an extra cloe combat attack WITH whatever the other weapon is!  Rope a dope.  "look at my pistol....  aaaaah.  Shoulda' been lookin' at muh chainsword, suckah foo"

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