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Another 1st game AofS impressions

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My brother and I got our first game of AofS in last night. Overall first impression was it is ok. I went going in knowing it was not warhammer but a new game so I really didn't have any expectations (or tried really hard not to have any) and I think this helped. 


So we tried to set up some balancing so we decided 10 Scrolls and 120 wounds. We had no great reasoning for these numbers except for it felt like the right size to start with not to big not to small. 



Brothers: Chaos Warriors 


Chaos Sorcerer

15 Chaos Warriors

6 Chaos Nights 

12 Forsaken

3 Ogres 

15 Bloodletters 

3 Chaos Spawn


My Army: Chaos/Deamon of Nurgle 

Great Unclean One

Chaos Nurgle Sorcerer 

15 Nurgle Chaos Warriors 

19 Plague Bearers 

3 Drones

3 Dragon Ogres

3 Nurglings 

5 Putrid Blightkin 


So we again just wanted to get to know rules and no have to much to think about. So Scenery didn't have any impact except movement. We got in only 3 rounds as it took us forever to get to know all the rules and warscrolls. So the good and bad. 


Good First...

1. I enjoyed the Warscrolls unit abilities. I think that this will be where most of the tactics come from in this game. There were some pretty cool abilities on units and I think you have to be aware of what units you chose to match up against your enemy! 

2. It goes fast once you know rules. Game is simple and flows well. 

3. Love the combat phase...going back and forth with units until all have fought does bring strategy to chose wisely to help you swing a battle in your favor.

4. Movement...my brother had a move with his chaos knights where they were pinched between two units...he snakes em all the way around his units to get them to the flank where my Dragon Ogres where ready to smash down his flank. Got his unit where he wanted it when he needed them there...at my Dragon Ogres disgust :). 

5. Hero's and big beasties are not over the top. I also think here is where most of the other tactics are coming into play. Having your hero's around to support your units can swing the tide of a fight. 

6. Rules simplified makes less rule fighting so made the game fun because we were not being picky on rules interpretation. 



1. Already stated...BALANCE THIS GAME! There has to be something that comes out that can have some points balancing mechanic!!! Soon Please!!! 

2. Summoning...can be way over powered there has to be some changed mechanic on this. I didn't take advantage of this last night but could have. The fact that I could have just summoned Greater Deamons, PlagueBearers, and Drones every Turn...just overwhelm your opponents. 

3. Shooting in combat again dumb! Needs to be some kind of consicouins for this choice. Granted there are a few things that make sense...GUO has Spew of 7" so that makes sense to me. Also because we both played chaos not to much shooting so just the little I had felt like it was kinda silly to shoot in combat. 


Some thoughts...

-Chaos Knights...holy crap good! He saved a ton of saves but they were tough to fight. Ogres Again really good against multi wound models (note to self don't fly drones into them).

-Putrid Blightkin...really good also. If they can attack first they can pump out some hits! Every roll of a six to hit gets D6 hits! If they don't attack first then they aren't to bad to kill.

-My GUO flubbed and didn't do much but fun, cool model to play with. Nurgle armies are a grind to get through I summoned one unit of 10 Plague Bearers and it took my bro about 2 full two rounds to get through with his spawn. 

-Crom's Command ability really good! 


Last thoughts...We were not one big blob in the middle just rolling dice we had a tone of little battles all over the board. It did seem a bit of once you get into combat it is a slug fest. Granted we didn't do any of the flee rules (not used to them yet I guess). It did seem to be wack then you wack then restart. 


I would overall call it an OK game...need to get in a few more against some other players to really see if this is a game to stick with. So there ya go... :happy:


Some Pics of the game!







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My first thoughts on the game.


It is definitely a grind once you are in combat, like many said, rolling a lot of dice until units finally get grinded down (we did not flee or choose to retreat once in combat, so that could add some flavor to the game). I'm not sure that I like that wizards can cast everyone of their spells each round, especially if someone takes 4 wizards and what not. Though it is much simpler and the game does flow well, once rules are learned and you actually bring the printed sheets that you didn't bring so you had to look at your phone the whole time! :dry: I highly recommend you DON'T DO THAT! :unsure::wink: It took longer then I thought to destroy units, mostly because units have what was like ward saves in 8th, and makes units much tougher in that sense. It took my unit of 3 chaos spawn and 6 chaos nights 2 rounds of combat to destroy 10 plague bearers. This might have been because they were plague bearers but he was not making many of his regen saves.


I don't mind shooting into combat if the shooting unit is in combat, but if their are multiple units, enemy or friend in the same combat you must randomize. Also some armies wouldn't care a lick about killing their own guys, skaven, orcs killing goblins, etc... so you should be able to do it. You should bet a -1 or 2 to your bravery if this happens as the unit gets disheartened by their own guys shooting at them. Maybe good armies get a higher minus to bravery because they are more honorable then others, just a thought. Or some armies can't do it and others can.


I like the game because of it's simplicity and that I can get an army that is pretty well sized and themed for around 120 wounds. It still feels like a chaos force and I can theme it if I want to, which to me is really important. I love the history and bringing themed forces on the field (some of you could care less). I believe some additional scenarios to achieve victory conditions would be an added feel instead of the slug fest or sudden death ones. I give it a B- in re-guards to a game I can sit down play for a couple of hours and have fun. I also still get to paint some minis and hang with cool peeps.


Pros for units

-Chaos Knights are fast and pretty tough. They helped kill some plague bearers and dragon ogres.

-Chaos Spawn are fun and an actual viable option now. I had a unit of three and doing 2D6 attacks each hitting on 4 and wounding on 4 is nice against the right target. If you roll a double for their attacks their TH and TW rolls go to a 3+!

-Chaos Warriors are tough even with GW's. They have a 4+ save and 2 attacks each with 2 wounds. It took a Great Unclean One and 5 Glotkin dudes to take them out in 2 full rounds of combat. It was mostly because of the Glotkin dudes special rule within 3" of them that does D3 Mortal Wounds... That hurt and being puked on!

-Bloodletters can do some damage if against right unit.

-Crom is not going to kill much of anything but he does give a -1 to bravery if enemy unit is within 18" of him, was helpful. Combined with other minuses to bravery could be very usefull (like my Chaos Knights ability of fearsome opponent which gives units with in 3" of them a -1 to bravery.


Bros army

-Great Unclean one paired with Glotkin dudes is really hard to kill. I think my warriors would have killed him if he was able to regenerate his wounds because of his ability and then get some more regeneration because of the Glotkin's abilities.

-Plague Drones, if used right and you know what they actually do, can do some really good damage.

-Plague Bearers tough to kill, period.

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Slayer - nice review of the game from your point of view!


Just to make sure - were you guys using the 'Rend' values for your saving throws? Those would help make those saving throws a bit harder to make, even a simple -1 can make a big difference.


Chaos Warriors indeed are pretty tough. Very nice statline. And yes, penalties to bravery can definitely contribute to enemy models going away. Heck, there's even some terrain that gives penalties to bravery!


Thanks for sharing! :)

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