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Quick AoS Batrep

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Met up with Warhammer_T last evening over at Red Castle games for some AoS and yes,that store has very nice tables(4) and a great selection of terrain for miniatures,plus the store crew is very friendly:)


I brought my "Great Moonclan" and War_T had brought his Ogres to throw down.My army came in at 39 models while his was around 15 I think?.We decided to play 6 turns or until 8:00 as I had to head back a bit early.That gave us around an hour and a half to play this out.


We knew that the Ogres would stomp down the small force of Moonclan in a straight up mosh fight so War_T decided to make it interesting and go for a Sudden Death VC,He chose "Blunt" after we had complete setup and I chose a scroll of 20 Moonclan spears and shields to be the target...the block furthest away from his main force of course.


My army list was as follows;


NG warboss on Squig

NG Shaman

Mangler Squig

20 Moonclan archers

2x20 Moonclan Spears and shields

3x2 fanatic scrolls,so I had 2 fanatics hidden in each of the Moonclan blocks



Im not 100% certain on what Warhammer_T`s army had but from memory I think it was;


2x2 Mournfang cav

1x4 Leadbelchers

1X7? IronGuts

1 Wizard

1 Hero(General)




I took pics of most of the game turns so ill link those from my gallery here,the tags should show the game turns on them.


We did choose to use the whole 4x6 table even though our force was pretty small for it,,im sure that had ALOT to do with the outcome,hehe.


Anyhow,I basically sent the Mangler forward first turn and started a game long retrograde away from his line.There was no contacts on turn one,just a small bit of magic from my Shamans Curse of the Bad moon...only got that off twice the whole game,ugg.


Turn 2 I got the Mangler into some action with the Leadbelchers,he did some damage killing one I think,,I really love the Manglers now,they get along the lines of 14 attacks average at full str.


Turns 3-4 The Ogres started lumbering into charge ranges,and engaged with his Cavalry on my right flank.Mournfang sure took a nerf in this game as the fanatics messed up the first batch that came at me.The melees that took place in these turns seen some pretty meh rolls on War_T`s part while I was probably average.My Archers put out a good volume of wounds as well thanks to the "exploding 6`s" on hit rolls part of the formation bonus,,actually I think I forgot about that with the Mangler ,doh!.


Turn 5 I was getting mauled by the Ogre blocks that were now pretty much in my face.I used my other two batches of fanatics to just fly out and counter charge his Cav and Ironguts,thus keeping them back off another turn even though ball wielding freaks died miserable deaths before ever getting a chance to do any damage,heh.


Turn 6 I was down to just my Moonclan spear blocks,General and shaman,He finished off the shaman with shooting and sent his Ironguts into my forward block on Spears,,they were reduced to 15 models but didn't have to take Bravery due to inspiring presence,so yeah,,steadfast ftw!.


It was just shy of 8:00 so we decided another turn was in order!


Turn 7 I didn't get to go first so he stomped the last 5 Spearmen in the forward blocked,announced a charge on the target block,but since I had fanatics in that block I sent them out,counter charged and stymied that.To wrap things up in my turn I sent my General against his last Mournfang Cav model and we fought it out with the Cav model going down to a squig bite lol.


Overall it was great fun,and this battle pretty much shows that with the lack of balance in this game currently,theres still plenty of game to be had!


Also it doesn't have to end up being a big mosh in the center either.


I think the best route for balancing the game right now is to just look over what you are going to play with your opponent and agree upon what would be a fair fight within the time frame you have to play.


Gonna try to link to my gallery here,pics should have turn number tags on them.





I wish I was better at taking pics,Warhammer_T`s Ogre`s are friggen stunning!

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So basically self regulation.

Yup,for the time being.


So far as ive seen,just sticking to around the same number of warscrolls seems to work.


Ive got about 2k worth of Undead built so my Son and I may try some crazy stuff this weekend with His Lizards,and some Brettonian allies against my UL.See if we can break stuff,heh.

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So which do you think you'll like more Kings of War or AoS?

Not sure yet,they are shaping up to be two very different games with KoW being the balanced more competitive game and AoS being the more 40k meets Fantasy type game.

I picked up a rather large lot of Basileans on Brother G`s Kickstarter so I plan to put those together and make them my KoW army,though I can also do other factions,I think KoW will lend well to sticking with one army and learning it well.Were with AoS I will probably try many different armys and combos.


Plus Ive got my Deadzone Marauders to paint up and try out!


Im already thinking I may drop out of the fall 40k league and do my usual 6 mo break and play on the Fantasy side of things with maybe some Bolt Action and Deadzone mixed in.But now Fantasy will probably be some learning games of KoW along with AoS craziness:)

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Hmm thinking about giving fantasy a try.  I haven't played since ravening hordes.  Not to sure if I should do KoW or AoS


You could -try- both, and get a first-hand first-impression, and go from there. ;)


KOW is supposed to have army lists that let you use other figures (including WHFB figs) to play with.


AOS is simple enough that even using proxies (like many people have) works just fine especially in smaller games.


Maybe try a learner-game or two of each, and see which one grabs you out of the gate! You might end up liking both! And chances are whatever army you pick, you could use in the other game as proxies with most folks. :)

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