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I'm sure he'll regret that later...

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Good for him.  If he is that emotionally distraught, better to just remove all temptation and move on to something else.  All Elves deserve to burn anyways.

I disagree. He could save them for another game. He could give them away to someone who can't afford to get a new army. He could sell them and use it for hookers and blow. Burning them is just silly.

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If he really wanted to get back at GW, he should have sold the army to someone - which lowers that person's likelihood of buying new GW product. And then take the money from the sale and go buy a ton of stuff for a competitor's game.


But, I get the point he's making. Like when someone burns a $200 football jersey when their favorite player defects to another team.

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No Jay, the guy is just an idiot a quite a few different levels.


Obviously he is not that attached to the work he did, or paid someone else to do, or found his ex-roomate's army in the closet.


He doesn't want to play 8th edition anymore either.


Sounds like he wasn't a serious gamer at all to me as I would assume most fly by night quitters are that try to express themselves this lopsided way.


When I quit, it will be because I am old and tired and don't have the patience for you youngins and your passions anymore. (I will probably hate myself for it as well for being an inflexible old fart)


As irritated as I am with AoS, it is a just game (albeit not the game I want or will play much) and I still enjoy hanging with you geeks.

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