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LF Bits for trade or purchase


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Hello there,


If anyone has the following bits and would be open to trading other bits for them or having me purchase them, please let me know.


I was able to finish off my Dark Angels army list and only need a few items:


*  (2) right-handed flamer pistols... I have the arms up to the wrists, just need the flamer pistols and don't mind if they have right hands on them


*  (1) Ravenwing bike frame with wheels... I have everything else:  fairings; handlebars; rider and all their kit; etc.  Just need the bike with wheels


*  (1) lascannon backpack and right arm stump... I have for some reason the main lascannon and the left arm plug in but can't find the backpack or right arm which is weird


Thank you in advance for looking.  I have tons o' bits for like 7 different armies so if you're looking for something in particular hopefully I have it so we can swap!


Stay safe,



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