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AoS Moving Forward: More Rumors / Leaks

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The AoS Primer app (basic rules and intro material) is available now as well:


The Age of Sigmar has begun! The Gates of Azyr have opened, unleashing the celestial armies of the God-King Sigmar upon the Mortal Realms. It is a time of ceaseless war as the Stormcast Eternals seek to retake empires and kingdoms that have been consumed and corrupted by Chaos, while the races of the realms rise up to claim back their freedom.

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar Primer is your first look at the embattled Mortal Realms and the heroes and villains who fight to decide their fate. Inside you will find:

• The core game rules for Warhammer Age of Sigmar
• A sample Warscroll and Warscroll Battalion for the mighty Stormcast Eternals
• A Battleplan to introduce you to warfare in the Age of Sigmar
• A step-by step guide to painting a Stormcast Eternal
• A glimpse into a world riven by war and carnage.

This Mobile Edition is designed for your iPhone. The layout, text and images are optimised to provide an outstanding mobile eBook experience and the perfect way to begin your journey through into the Age of Sigmar.

If you are on an iPad, we recommend the iBooks-exclusive Enhanced Edition for the best experience.


https://itunes.apple.com/de/book/warhammer-age-sigmar-primer/id1015057779?mt=11 (Tablet)
https://itunes.apple.com/de/book/warhammer-age-sigmar-primer/id1015074022?mt=11 (Mobile)

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I have to say I have avoided GW like the plauge for years but these new AoS minis are off the chain.  I will become a GW customer if the scale of the game maintains itself at skirmish to mid size armies.  I hate excessive model redundancy.  Anyone believe that GW won't impose large scale battles through rules changes?  If it was the type of game where I would be fine buying 1-2 of each unit/box set then I have to say I'm actually impressed.

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I think Crossbows were using the term bolt before bolters. I guess they could be Quarrelstorm, but that's just excessive. :)


Yeah, I agree. I just doubt it was coincidental. They use the word 'storm' more than enough in the 'Stormacast' fluff, they could have easily named the crossbow something else with the word 'bolt' in it that didn't instantly come out as 'stormbolter' chopped in half and spun around. At least, that's the first thing that instantly came to my mind - and I don't even own a marine army at all. :)


A lot of the fluff I've read today, names, locations, etc, really has me face-palming. I've had fun -playing- the game so far (with modifications), but the fluff has not lured me in whatsoever as of yet.


I'm really most eager for the first rumors of non-Stormcast, non-Chaos stuff. :)



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Have we seen terrain prices yet?

99120299028 OPHIDIAN ARCHWAY £25.00
(Edit: not 100% sure if these prices may have had a 20% discount already take off them or not, the posting I've found them at is unclear)

99120299026 BALEFUL REALMGATES £35.00
(Edit: not 100% sure if these prices may have had a 20% discount already take off them or not, the posting I've found them at is unclear)

(Edit: not 100% sure if these prices may have had a 20% discount already take off them or not, the posting I've found them at is unclear)

and some sprue picture of the Ophidian Archway from http://childrenofthekraken.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/ophidian-archway-sprues.html



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Ok, it's official those new models have WAY better rule and stats than the old models. And that is how they will get the old players to buy the new stuff, power leap.



Why do you say they're better? Because they are stronger per wound on the table? There are no points. There's no limit or cap. So a stormvermin is way better than a skaven slave model to model, but so what?


Without points everything is amazing and terrible.

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Someone has supposedly seen the new book and has posted this
the first 80 pages are Lore about the world, race lore and a small
 timeline from the point where the old world ended to the Age of Sigmar

- about 30 pages of miniature gallery with all factions involved

- 110 pages of scenarios (complete with battleplans and lore) and rules
 on how to play games in the fire realm and life realm (more of that later)
 the battleplans can be played with any army

- lastley 30 pages of warscrolls and battalions inculding new minis:
 Lord- Celestant (Same rules as in WD)
 Lord Castellant (Ability: damage chaos unit within 12" or +1 save for
 a single Stormcast unit within 12")
 Gryphon Hounds (2 base attacks, double when near Lord Castellant, when
 an enemy unit gets set-up within 10" roll 2D6, every friendy unit within
 2D6" of the hounds can make a shooting attack at the enemy unit)
 Judicators (4 different weapons to choose, 2 crossbow types and 2 bow
 Liberators (Same rules as in WD)

nothing new for chaos
 nothing new for Sylvaneth

Some additional (optional) rules for the battlefields:
 -Sigmars Storm-
 Legion of chaos:
 If playing chaos, you can roll 1D6 once per game if your general is
 still alive to summon additional units:
 1 - D3 Wounds to your general, if he dies he becomes a Spawn
 2 - 1 Unit of Daemons, no heroes or monster
 3 - 1 Unit of Daemons, no Heroes
 4 - 1 Unit fo daemons
 5 - D3 units of daemons, 1 hero max and 1 monster max
 6 - D6 units of daemons, same as above

Bring down the Tyrant!:
 if your general is order or destruction, one per game you can summon
 Units from Stormcast Eternals.
 Throw an amount of D6 that match the number of turns played.
 ex: if you are in turn 3, throw 3D6 in turn 5 throw 5D6.
 for every 3+ you can set-up 1 unit with the keyword "stormcast
 eternals", 1 hero and 1 monster max

-Sulfur Archipelago-
 when playing on a fire realm battlefield you can use these additional rules:

Missle weapons that are shot from 12" or more may reroll to-hit rolls of 1
 every kind of scenerey blocks Line of Sight

Wizards can cast Fireballs:
 - casting value 5
 - 18"
 if target unit is 1 model it suffers 1 mortal wound
 unit of 2-9 models suffer D3 mortal wounds
 units of 10 or more models suffer D6 mortal wounds

 place 6 dice on the battlefield (numberd 1-6)
 at the start of every herophase roll 1D6 to see wich gysier becomes active.
 Units within 6" of the gysier get D3 mortal wounds.
 if you got a model with the keywords Priest and Chaos you can add or
 substract 1 to your gysier throw.

- Realm of Life -
 when playing on realm of life battlefields you can use these additional

Spontanious growth:
 throw 1D6 at the start of your herophase, on 6 you may place 1 Sylvaneth
 Wyldwood anywhere on the battlefield (must be flat surface)
 if there are models in you way, remove them, place the wood and place
 the models as near as possible to their original location.

Blooming life:
 when rolling a 1 during a units battleshock test they dont flee. also
 you heal any wounds sufferd for all models of this unit.

Wizards can cast Thornshield:
 - casting value 6
 - 18"
 - until your next herophase all enemy units within 3" suffer D3 mortal

Breeze of Pestilence:
 - Nurgle Wizards can cast this spell
 - casting value 4
 - 12"
 - choose 1 friendly unit
 - enemy units within 3" of the chosen friendly unit have -1 to-hit
 against that unit.
 - you can choose to increase the casting value to a number of your
 choice, for every point increased you can choose 1 additional unit

Hidden Foulness:
 All scenery has the Hidden Foulness special rule.
 during your hero phase throw 1D6 for every unit within 1" of any
 scenery, add +1 if the unit is Nurgle
 on 5+ the unit suffer 1 mortal wound, nurgle units heal 1 wound

Father Nurgle, be with me!:
 once per game when a Nurgle Hero dies you can throw 1D6
 1-2: replace the fallen hero with a chaos spawn
 3-4: remove the hero
 5-6: the hero doesnt die instead he heals all wounds back to full life.

 New Battalions:
 Stormcast Eternals - Heroes of the Host
 1 Lord Celestant (with or without mount)
 1 Lord Relictor
 1 Lord Castellant
 0-1 Gryph Hound units

Special Rules:
 add +1 bravery to every Unit of Stormcast Eternals within 6" of any Hero
 from this Battalion
 if all 3 heroes are within 3" of each other, they may cast Wave of Might
 during the herophase, throw 1D6 for every enemy Unit within 3" of this
 battalions heroes.
 on 4+ the enemy units suffer 1 Mortal Wound and must retreat if possible.

 other stuff:
 the book states that the dark prince's throne is empty because he
 dissapeard and his followers are fighting for it

there are artworks in the paint schemata section of Bloodwarrios
 wiedling two Axes and Bloodwarriors with double-bladed 2H axes (1 blade
 on top and 1 blade on bottom)
 maybe we will get a box of bloodwarriors much like the once for
 Liberators with different options and special weapons.
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Why do you say they're better? Because they are stronger per wound on the table? There are no points. There's no limit or cap. So a stormvermin is way better than a skaven slave model to model, but so what?


Without points everything is amazing and terrible.

Because without points the way some have been scaling the game has been with wound count and the new models are way better when you compare models by wounds.



I still don't see how you can manage a game without some form of comp. No points lead to abuse and GW's solution is to shame players who abuse that power. That seems wrong and yet I see no other way to balance the game currently unless you follow the battle scenarios they have in their book with preselected armies you have no choice with.


This still really bugs me because I really want to like a Skirmish based fantasy game.

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The problem AgentP, is that the community that is "enjoying" it, isn't offering solutions to the problems that people have been expressing. No one is shouting that you can't have fun with AoS.


What many are complaining about is the lack of composition rules. For the last 20 years, WFB players built armies based on a point system that gave us the illusion that our forces were relatively equal. There is a need in the community to have that feeling again even with AoS.


So far nothing that has come from GW concerning AoS is solving that issue. And no matter how much fun people have playing it, that doesn't magically create a comp system. All of this cheering for AoS isn't solving the problem either.

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