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Skirmish game groups in town?


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I've talked to a few people on the fence about Dark Age.  Don't know too much about the game.  The new models are on point.  I may just buy a small force to paint and keep handy.  Do you happen to know the typical model count of a game or what the standard army size is points wise?

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There's also a Mordheim 'league' in Portland, and another one in Vancouver, too. And I have seen folks talking about Malifaux at times here, as well.


I love skirmish games myself (LotR, Confrontation, Helldorado, Alkemy), and there are lots of folks out there in the Portland/Van area that enjoy them, as well!

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With OFCC over I've started to condense my terrain collection around good stuff for skirmish games.  I also began to clean up my Dark Age figures for some primer so I can play around with them soon.  (that and my Infinity figures).



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Every once in a while, the conversation around 40k KillZone pops back up.






I have 8 moving boxes of terrain.  


Would any of this work for other skirmish games?



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I play mainly skirmish games. Malifaux is my number one game that I get to play around once a month. I have two painted forces for Infinity, which is high on my list to start playing. And I have two painted forces for Dark Age which I have played once because the rules for that game change so often I haven't had the time or desire to track it. I have two partial painted forces for Relic Knights. And I  have just completed a Wrath of Kings armys. That game is built to play skirmish up through mass battles. 


So I spend more time painting then playing but I'm always interested in playing more when I have time.

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