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Random Awful Mini Photo Thread


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Just post links to ebay items where they are selling models that clearly had some major failure in assembly, so we can poke fun at their failure....


Not a thread to promote your own listings, of course. Not mocking the listing, or lister, but the photographed item.

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Moving this to Artificer's Forge and renaming it, because awful minis give me as much pleasure as awesome minis. I'll be including photis not just from Ebay, but from other sources, as well. Thanks for starting this, Pax!



My computer really slowed down as I hit this point on the page for some reason, and was very slowly scrolling down like half an inch at a time, and each time, it just got more and more ridiculous.


That Land Raider could be more GW. Well, it depends. If it's for a Chaplain, it's good. If it's Chaos, it could use a lot more spikes.

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