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Arranging a Few Games During My Vacation


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Hello Ordo,


Cortland will be making his GLORIOUS return from Hawaii for two week in early August, unfortunately I wasn't able to time it well enough to make it to the Club Tourney so I could win all those lovely lovely favorite opponent pins, but I would still like to get a few games in.


I could bring my army if I really had to but would love just a few casual games at the club house and throw some dice with some people.


Anyway I know the mechanics of 40k obviously but if any of you Fantasy grizzled veterans wanted to give it a try I've been itching to give AoS a try as well.


Anyway shoot me a PM, I'll be in town from the 6th-20th of August and would love to get a few games in. Also, are there any tournies running during that time?

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