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Wyrd Gencon Releases 2015


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Full list (so far) of things that are going to be available during Gencon (at the con and via the Wyrd webstore).   Everything scheduled for release through September will be available during Gencon as a prerelease.  Gremlin players should rejoice, you'll be a real faction soon. Also Nightmare Colette *drool* (clowns in Malifaux, madness!).  





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I was reading over the Wyrd emailer yesterday. Lots of great things, more so as a Gremlin and Neverborn player. Near the end of the email they list quite a few things that are "Also available at GenCon". Being somewhat new to Malifaux, will I be able to order those things via the Wyrd site (Wongs crew for example), or do I have to be AT GenCon to order those?


I got in to Malifaux last year via GenCons sale for the MissEry model, so I don't have many GenCon sales under my belt.


Thank you,



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Most of the stuff from the Gencon sale was just early-release stuff (it'll all roll out to stores over the next few months). Only exceptions off the top of my head are the Nightmare Carnivale crew and the Miss Ann Thrope model.


Usually the Wyrd webstore is a good place to see whats available, but while it's down for the next few days you can check out the Pull My Finger wiki, which has the artwork for most (all?) current models on it (http://pullmyfinger.wikispaces.com/M2E+Guild). Wyrd's minis are all pretty much identical to the artwork, so while they don't show the minis themselves you'll know what to expect. Also lots of great tactica on the wiki and info on play styles.

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The "Miss" Miss Anne Thorpe is a Wastrell (usually alligned with McCabe)


The "Miss" models are female alternate sculpts for existing models that wyrd does specifically for GenCon purchase. They are a "gift" with purchase deal.


This is the second guild miss, the first being a death marshal. Past models have been teddy, steamborg (lanston) and umm one more I think.


You will be able to get Anne from folks that ordered but don't play guild for a limited window, That is if you really want a femal wastrell. The Death marshal is pretty cool but fits more of perdita's new style than the new death marshals. She would make a good addition to a perdiata crew astetically if you want a death marshal to go with on a mission.


As Mach said, the rest were just  early release stuffs. And they may have a few leftovers from the Conn in the webstore this week. At least thats what Nathan said in the newletter.

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