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Multiple weapon swaps? DA, and GK


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Pretty simple, but doesn't seem to be covered very well in the rules.


Can my character upgrade to have one weapon, then upgrade that weapon to have a different weapon?


Likewise, can I include multiple weapon upgrades from the Melee weapons or ranged weapons sections of the wargear?


Specifically looking at DA and GK.


So, a few examples.


GK libby wants the Relic Storm bolter. Relic Storm bolter replaces existing storm bolter. GK libby doesn't come stock with a storm bolter, but has the option to purchase one. Can he purchase the weapon, only to upgrade it into a different weapon?


DA Company Master wants dual Grav Pistols. Ranged weapons allows him to "replace boltgun, bolt pistol, and/or melee weapon with one of the following..." Can I do this twice, once with the default bolt pistol and once with the default melee weapon? Or am I limited to only a single swap?

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Here, a BA one:


Can my BA tactical squad sergeant swap his boltgun for a chainsword (free), then swap that chainsword (melee weapon) for a hand flamer(10pts)? He's stock with a BP+boltgun, so if I want dual pistols, this is the only way.

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Yeah, that's legit. For instance, it's the only way to get some of the Tyranid Warrior builds from SoB: Deathstorm. They have to trade their Devs for ScyTals, and then those ScyTals for BS/LW or Rending Claws.

Well, that deathstorm supplement actually has a datasheet for each unit within, which are supposed to be "unique units."


But, if you think it's legit, I'm certainly leaning towards the direction that is better for my modeling.

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