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H: 40k, WHFB, painted & unpainted Malifaux + WM/H, painting services, other W: 40k, inf, x-wing, other

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40k: inquisition


≠ = pending



40k: scouts & speeder; mostly unbuilt drop pod (for conversion) or dreadclaw; eldar/DE army



*= higher interest










AnythingIs it an old edition, starter version, etc?

New - I don't require anything, if there's a problem, my beef is with the manufacturer, not you.

Open/unassembled - Is anything missing?

Assembled or primed/painted – What type of glue was used? What sort of primer did you use? What sort of paint did you use? What sort of sealer did you use? Did you dip them? I'll want pics.


I don't need studio-quality pics, just something where I can see what's going on, preferably including a macro of the worst painting and gluing visible.


So, here's the next part:

If there are any problems, I expect you to compensate for the problem, which can be: more pieces (of my choice) returning part of my trade to you (my choice), returning or sending cash, or refunding the price of the piece(s) plus shipping costs, or of course the missing components can be sent.


I probably won't complain about that one easily replaceable bit, but I'm tired of people not being thorough with trades, and not expecting to be held accountable.


I'm of course ready to be held accountable, myself. I try to be as thorough as possible, and will note any problems with condition that I know about.


I'm looking to build a nice army, and don't want to spend my time fixing your mistakes (unless I got a good deal for it and am aware ahead of time). Thanks for understanding, and sorry if this sounds anal.


I may be willing to sell, mostly starting at 65% unless somehow exceptional, willing to go lower for older or larger quantities (make an offer).


Thanks for looking!





GW: 40k, etc.

Space Marines & co.

• 25th anniversary crimson fist display model (unsealed, otherwise new)

• power fist/chainmail veteran, missing other arm (storm bolter?)

• 3rd edition LE captain (power axe, combi melta)

• blood angels 2 small lots: 5 assault marines w/ DC jump packs and bits; 4 unassembled DC; 1 sanguinary guard, a bunch of bits. Additional lot: 5 more similar assault marines and sanguinary guard.

• serphacus(?) LE dark angels dark vengeance interrogator chaplain (NOS)

• 3 ravenwing command/black knights, NOS



• 10 dire avengers, lightly painted, missing backpack vanes



• 2 tallaran lasgunners (painted)

• 5 original beret stormtroopers (3 plastic, metal sgt, metal plasma gunner)

• 1 metal cadian sniper

• 1 valhallan lasgunner



• A bunch of official Inquisition models, plus some others from 40k for henchmen etc.



• hellbrutes (metal, DV)



• Temple of Skulls (giant chaos hill thing, primed, partially undercoated)

• cities of death / 40k ruins: IIRC around 2.5 buildings' worth, almost all on sprue or unassembled, can get details if interested


Warhammer Fantasy

Warriors of chaos lot: 30-ish chaos warriors (NOS through lightly painted), a decent set of bits from characters, chariots, monsters, etc.





• TIE interceptor

• A-wing

• starter set X-wing (a single fighter, not the full set)




Privateer Press

Misc PP Models (please ask about cards, I have most, may not have all)



• triumph upgrade (stripped)

• precursor UA



• thrall warrior (primed, started painting, only goes w/ alexia)

• renegade, unassembled

• mariner, stripped

• buccaneer, unassembled



• defiler, deathripper (unassembled plastic)

• withershadow combine (primed)

• necrotech & thrall (primed)

≠ drudge conversion set: 1 drudge, 1 leader, a few converted or started conversions for drudges from other factions

• 4 metal bane thralls
• Cephalyx & single drudge (ceph painted)

• plastic deneghra

• single garlghast witch



• esorscha (primed)

• drago (primed)

• 2 metal man o war shocktroopers (stripped)

• zerkova, stripped



• kromac (primed)

• laris (war wolf proxy?), primed

• 2 metal trollkin scattergunners

• LE Steelsoul Keg Protector

• tristan durant, LE with coin


Iron Kingdoms / IK RPG

• tomb maiden(? Not positive about name)

• gobber (gul)

• infernals (all except the scroll one)

• dwarf was a 2x barrel pistol

• vinter (primed, a little paint)



Well Painted (NMM) (would provide pics, trades would reflect paint jobs)

• Circle army, heavily converted, will finish conversion for the right value. PM for details. Link.

• Cryx army (around 50 points. PM for details).






• Khador army (around 100 points, PM for details)








I'd prefer to sell these over trading them, but may be open to the right trades.





Kingdom Death (pref trade for other rarer things)

• Beetle Knight (NIB)


Arena Rex

• Lupa, KS LE


Studio McVey / Sedition Wars

• Resin Phaedrus Chirurge (NIB)





Malifaux (everything has m1e cards if you ask (if they were in 1st ed), also ask for 2e (if noted) if you need them)


• miss terious LE death marshal (NIB)

• ortega pistoleros (will part with 1-3 though want to choose if not the full set), cleaned

• perdita avatar (unassembled)

• single metal crooked man (2-hand hammer, stripped)

• LE teddy myss ery / bad teddy (NIB) x2

• plastic somer teeth jones, NOS

• plastic marcus crew, NOS

• clear LE blue rasputina crew, NOS

• alt LE kaeris, NOS

• colette crew (box, magnetized coryphee/duet, angelica, mechanical doves)

• LE miss step / howard langston (NOS)



Rasputina crew (Ice Golem based for 2e) w: $130 + sh cash, offers in trade












Lady Justice Crew, w: $120 + sh cash










Kirai Crew w: $220 + sh cash/trade negotiable.




















Lot, metal, will trade favorably: Thaddeus Graytower (NIB); Laurana (stripped), Nalia goldhammer (new, a little GS residue), Anirion (new out of box)


Alastriel (painted with winter theme, sword modded)




Board Games

Nuclear War – box wear, contents very good condition




Note: these are just about all things I’d be interested in. More stars mean more desired, so more in your favor, bracketed entries (“{…}”) indicate things I might take but am not particularly interested in- filler or good deals only. NOTE: I may have more stuff to trade if you have ***+ stuff I want.



FFG X-Wing

I don't have anything from later waves. I'm not looking to build a fleet, just get a few more options for both sides, so I'm unlikely to take a bunch of stuff from one side only, unless it's a good deal.


Currently own everything from wave 1-2 except y-wing.




Arena Rex

I have the KS, looking for more pieces. Highest interest in cav and monsters, lowest in the egyptian group.


Also looking for extra faction dice.




Warhammer 40,000 RPGs

I'm looking for campaign books for Black Crusade and/or expansions.




GW scenery

-quad gun/defense line.

-any number of the giant marines from the ruins sets

-maybe others, generally more interested in the military look over the gothic look




Misc GW, necromunda, Specialist games, etc.

I'm attempting to build several Imperial Guard Veteran squads to look variously like gangers and pirates. I'm primarily looking for models armed with autoguns, lasguns, shotguns, meltaguns, plasma guns, will consider others. I'd also consider minis that are more heavily equipped to represent storm troopers.


Note: I'm fine with individual, mismatched, or incomplete minis.


Necromunda (least preference on heavy weapons (happy with special weapons) and juves, since they don't fit well)

ash wastes

* orlock

* dalaque

* ash wastes (not interested in steep prices, fine if not great condition

pit fighters

mercenaries(I think that's what they were called)




Generic Space Marines. A potential list of interests:

*** attack bikes

** drop pod (pref. unassembled)

* arms from deathwing command (esp. plasma and champion)

* land speeder storm, pref. with bolter or shotgun scout squad

LMK what you have in the way of vehicles or bits...





Chaos Space Marines (Night Lords)

-FW or GW Night Lords bits or minis

-other lighter stuff, not very interested in demonic stuff or walkers

-maybe bikes

-probably not cult troops


maybe vampire counts or other lines of bits that would fit well with NL





I'm very interested in some forgeworld pieces, and will work with you if you've got one you're willing to part with (I have many other pieces I'll be willing to part with, possibly including well painted armies, for the right pieces).



Space Marine FW

* Badab war part 2

+++ Anvillus Dreadclaw

*** Storm Eagle

** venerable arms

*** variant armor sets: crusade, heresy, Iron, maximus, whole or partial sets. Also, corvus torsoes/studded shoulders

** alternate FW termies (and upgrade pack)

** heresy era bikes

** Astral Claws stuff, may take partial kits

* maybe other kits


Imperial Guard FW

** possibly Death Korps, HQ, maybe other

** imperial guard tanks

**imperial army/possibly any HH era

maybe elysians



cool inquisitor stuff, or stuff that would fit with them/their retinues

*** arvus




Imperial Guard


forge world (see above)

*** Tanith First and Only lasgunners and plasma guy, don't need characters

*** shotguns



FW stuff, baneblade variant guns, Vendetta pack






Space Marines / chaos:

** FW oldschool armor (priority on Heresy armor)

* sets for plastic grey knight terminator 2x handed halberd arms


Imperial Guard

Extra IG heavy weapons- just need the guns (pref. with power/ammo packs), don't need gunners or stands

** vendetta upgrade kit

** extra guns etc. for Baneblade variants


Misc. Fantasy bits

good lion/winged lion pieces that would work for statues or armor (I'm looking at Astral Claws custom bits). Highly preferred if withing the GW product line, though not necessary.




Board Games

Recently I've gotten the board game bug. Most interested in strategically interesting games with simple rules. Examples of recent favorites include Space Hulk, Catan, Dominion, Carcassonne.


Potentially interested in trading for KS board games. Also, don't have any good co-op board games.


-Settlers of Catan expansions: Cities & Knights, Seafarers, Traders & Barbarians

-Dominion Expansions

-Shadows of Brimstone




Studio McVey

either of the old LE Karas, maybe other discontinued models or good deals on ones in stock




Kingdom Death

Just about any, though I'll want a better deal on anything painted as stripping could cause damage given how delicate the minis are. If you don't see something you're interested in trading for, LMK what you're interested in, probably willing to give you a good deal on it.


Not interested in paying extra for 1st editions...







sammael plastic (or whole crew)

pathfinder & traps



plastic copycat killer (or whole crew)


* depleted

** the Beckoner with the cane, will trade in your favor for just it (though of course not as much as the whole pack)


2e gremlins


samurai (incl. singles)

dawn serpent






precursor knight unit

**Stormwall, Min sword knights, Blazers**



Mercs & Minions:

gunner macnaile



•horthol; eGrim; champion hero; the newer brigand-type guys; cavalry



** Krea, Raider, Mammoth **

interested in others: I have a pretty small collection right now, let me know what you have





Nomads, ALEPH, Pan Oceana



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