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Amusing GW brush shipping debacle


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From GW I ordered some paint and three of the new brushes. Two rushes were shipped with plastic protector sleeves, and the last one was wedged up against the box and totally bent, with no protector.  Now, shipping brushes without a .1 cent sleeve is a huge pet peeve of mine, so I emailed and asked for a replacement. I said it needs a sleeve in my email. This is what they sent as a replacement:



In case you can't tell, the brush is completely smooshed against the box and splayed out in every direction. I burst out laughing when I opened the box. The AOS pins were a nice, semi-ironic touch. 


I asked for a second replacement, and they wanted the picture as proof. They said they are going to take extra special care this time.

I don't waste anything, especially brushes, so I can drybrush with them or something. For $7 I expect something decent that comes to a reasonable point.

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I am in the "rough on brushes" camp. A $20 brush is too big a risk considering how often I leave them with paint on the bristles or otherwise mess them up.


Since I'm also a packrat I have over a hundred brushes in two glasses on my desk, and another few dozen elsewhere. Many of these were cheapy craft store brushes. Mostly I use the raggedy ones for drybrushing, especially terrain and bases.


Yeah, Army Painter makes good stuff, and is cheaper. I am happy with their paint line too which has plenty of pigment like the old GW paints did.

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Update: They sent a third brush... it had lots of packing material, but still no plastic protector sleeve. It was in a plastic bag which was folded and then stuck into a small shipping mailer sleeve. As a result the bristles were bent. Facepalm.


While I can use the damaged brushes I still wanted to make a point at how dumb this all was. I sent them a slightly bitchy note, scolding them for incompetence and asking for money back. This was their response:



"A refund has been placed to your PayPal account in the amount of $7.60, which you should receive within 1-2 business days. In our initial response we had stated that this brush is not supplied with a sleeve, although I don't know the manufacturer's reasoning; the only brushes supplied with sleeves are the M Layer, M Shade, M Glaze, S Layer, S Base, and the XS Artificer Layer. I will be notifying the rep you had been working with of the damages on the third brush sent upon their return from vacation. In the meantime, I have forwarded this email chain to our Shipping Manager, UK Distribution, and our contact for the brush Manufacturer for review.

I apologize for the hassle, but please let me know if you have any questions.


Games Workshop
North America Customer Services"



(Sometimes it pays to complain!)

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At a certain point my primary objective changed from getting a good brush to getting them to fix their stupidity so they don't mess up other customers. Apparently the only way to get them to listen is to cost them time and money. GW ended up eating the cost of three brushes and two shipments, plus the time of the customer support staff. If that and the email chain doesn't get the attention of management I don't know what will. I feel a little bad for the waste on their part, but if they want to position themselves as a high end boutique company they need to have high standards enforced.

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

Great thread I have found much amusement to the incompetence.


Seems odd they haven't figured out how to ship delicate items like this in mass.

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