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Need a 4th player

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had a last minute player drop.  really need a 4th player or if another team has spots open we need to divy up some players.


you can respond here, or even better just text me at 360-334-2531.  let me know if you have a player or an open spot or 3.


Im most concerned about getting 1 of our players a spot.  if we can be a team great, the other 2 of us is good as well, but I have one player who doesnt deserve all the crap we have been through trying to make this team work.

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If someone else drops, and there is a spare Fantasy army available, we (the Warhamsters) will have at least two Beer Caddies (it's kind of like having harem girls handfeed you grapes while keeping your wine cup full, but they have beards instead of grapes). I'm not going to volunteer smashthedean or Wiccus, but you could certainly ask them to roll some dice if needed. As long as we've got at least one on hand for back rubs and banner-waving.

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we can use the army that she was using, she was borrowing brets anyway.  I have to double check with the owner to make sure though.  Id rather not pull someone from the organizer pool, they have enough to do, but I would like whoever takes the spot to play all the games if possible.


ill chime back in tomorrow and we can see what we can plan out.

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