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Looking to start playing


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Hello all. I'm looking to start playing FoW. I used to have some 40k but ended up selling it. I've always been a big WW2 buff and this looks like fun. My question to you all is. How strong is the FoW community? Is it easy to get pickup games? Are there any regular meeting nights and where at? Thanks for the info.

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will give short answers, here.

More details and follow-up on our regular gaming slot.


How strong is the FoW community?

- Players in OREGON (that I know of): Portland, Scapoose, Vancouver, Salem, Eugene.

- More in WA.

- Tournaments locally and in Olympia, WA: 3-4 times a year. Usually draws 10-15 players

- Our current roster of regulars (in PDX) varies between 4 and 6, depending on work, vacations, family, etc.

- We had a special event on D-Day (June 6) that drew 6 players.


Is it easy to get pickup games?

- Yes.

- Several of us have armies we can loan you (for that game) when we meet-up.

- Posting in this forum will elicit participation.


Are there any regular meeting nights and where at?

- Yes, Thursdays, at GG (Guardian Games, PDX). 6-10 PM

- Right now, we have a Normandy 1944 campaign running, which includes the Portland crew and two guys in Bellingham, WA. See the thread "Firestorm Overlord".


Advice: a good and cost-effective starter kit is the Battlefront "Open Fire" Box Set, published in 2012:

  • 6 Sherman Tanks + 2 Firefly Tanks--32 Paratroopers
  • 72 Grenadiers--2 Pak40 Guns--3 Stug Assault Guns
  • Tokens--20 Dice--Objective Markers--Army Lists
  • Assorted Cardboard Terrain--V1 Flying Bomb Terrain Feature
  • 52 Page Full Colour Quick Start Guide--296 Page Full Color Complete Rulebook
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Welcome aboard.  We play here in portland on thursday night around 6 until closing.  Our group is happy to teach new guys and if ya need it we can bring spare armies for you to use as well.  I advise to get and play what army you like the best, or we can help you find an army that suits your play style.

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Adding to lazarus' comments:

You could start with something that you find inspiring, fascinating, or for which you have a connection.


Here are some ideas:

Favorite war movie(s)


Favorite book(s)


By country/Nationality:
Australia, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Czechoslovakia, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Romania, South Africa, Soviet Union, Spain, The Netherlands, Yugoslavia

By Army/Troop type:
Infantry: Mechanized/Panzergrenadier, Motorized, Motorcycle, Paratrooper, Glider, Mountain, Tank Rider, "Regular 'Leg' Infantry"
Pioneer/Combat Engineer
Partisans and Security Forces
Converted Navy/Naval Infantry, Converted Air Force/Luftwaffe


Warriors/Personalities (Great personal stories here - online and in books):

Britain & Commonwealth: Major General Pip Roberts,Captain Charles Upham, Brigadier Peter Young, Captain John Treleaven, JOE Vandeleur, Lt Colonel Frost, Major General Montgomery, Brigadier JC 'Jock' Campbell, CSM Stan Hollis, Private Ernest 'Smokey' Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel Pine-Coffin

Finland: Corporal Toivo Ilomaeki, Colonel Adolf Ehrnrooth, Kapteeni Lauri Toerni

France: Charles de Gaulle

German Warriors
Oberst Hans-Ulrich Rudel, Michael Wittmann, Ernst Barkmann, Arnold Huebner, Otto Carius, Generalmajor Remer, Major Bruno Koenig, Oberfeldwebel Schmidt, Generalfeldmarschall Rommel, Oberst Rettemeier, Major Von Luck, General Von Sauken, Sturmbannfurher Fritz Biermeyer, Hauptsturmführer Graebner, Oberst Gosewisch, Generalmajor Rommel, Unterscharführer Michael Wittmann, Oberstleutnant Dr. Franz Bäke, SS-Obersturmbannführer Jochen Peiper, Feldwebel Dietrich Uthoff, SS-Hauptsturmführer Karl-Heinz Euling, Major Hans-Peter Knaust, SS-Sturmbannführer Hans-Georg Sonnenstuhl, Friedrich Freiherr Von Der Heydte

Hungary: Föhadnagy Ervin Tarczay

Italy: Tenente Luigi Pascucci

Romania: Sergent Aurel Sandu

Soviet Union: VG Zeytsev, Komissar BI Vasilevsky, Mariya Oktyabrskaya, Komissar M A Dedov, Kapitan V I Nevsky, Kapitan Dmitriy Loza

USA: Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams, Major General Ernest N Harmon, Staff Sergeant Cole 'Reb' Jackson, Commando' Kelly, Colonel William O Darby, Staff Sergeant Lafeyette Pool, General George S. Patton, Easy Company , Brigadier General James Gavin, Major General Maxwell Taylor, Major Julian Cook, Turner Turnbull, Sergeant Tommy Prince

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As for books: Just start with one: The new rule book - Flames of War 3rd Edition Mini Rulebook, a.k.a "Pocket Edition" paperback, $10.00

If you take it to Kinko's, you can change it to spiral bound, so that it lays flat on a table/game board.

It is not an abridged version of the larger rulebook.

It is the complete rulebook.

It is EXACTLY the same content as the big hardbound rule book, same paging and everything, just printed smaller.

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Naw, rule book does not have units nor equipment stats.


My advice is look through the free stuff online, and see if that interests you.


Here are some examples:


Official Flames Of War Intelligence Briefings, Late-war, 1944-45


This has the most free stuff.

For now, just focus on "Official Briefings"


Many of the unit briefings have moved to these two books:

Atlantik Wall.



BTW, we are using those same books in our campaign.


Official Flames Of War Intelligence Briefings, Mid-war, 1942-43


Some interesting stuff, but not as much as LW (Late War)


If you want to look at more details, here are 2 LW Eastern Front German Briefings:


  1. Kampfgruppe Kästner, Korsun Pocket

Article with downloadable pdf:



Infantry with armor and fire support.

Confident Veteran is a pretty good rating


  1. Panzer Brigades on the Eastern Front

Panthers and Armored Panzergrenadiers

Article with downloadable pdf:



MW, North Africa and Tigers:

Tunisian Tigers

Article with downloadable pdf:



MW, British In Africa,Tunisia & Italy:

Mid-war Intelligence Briefing for British and Commonwealth Forces


One Mid-War pdf briefing for each region: 1) North Africa (Egypt & Libya), 2) Tunisia, and 3) Italy

The benefit of this set is that many of the tanks, guns and infantry teams are re-usable in LW (Late War).

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I went down to GG tonight and bought the rule book and "know your enemy" Late edition. The Know your enemy I bought because its seems to have all the basic troop info in it to help make a decision on an army. It has info about the nation and its arsenal. I also read through some of the books I could. I wanted to poke through the overlord book but they were all sealed and I couldn't snoop through them. From what I've come read so far i'm thinking about a few lists I want to learn more about.


They are:

Late war German tank army,                 (few more expensive tanks/Tactical-Aggressive)

Mid war German tank/Africa army,        (Few expensive tanks/tactical-aggressive)

Late war US Tank army,                       (lots of cheap tanks/Swarm-aggressive)

US late war infantry/arty army.              (lots of infantry and bazookas/tactical-Defensive)


Anyone have any input into these types of armies and my take on them? Any input is welcome as I'm trying to learn. Please feel free to correct anything and add your own input. I'm not  looking into specific units right now. Just list types.

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we are continuing our LW Normandy campaign.


See here:

THU SEP 3 6:30 PM - FoW Campaign Continues


If you have a platoon or more, you could sub-commander.

It would help to know in advance what you will bring, but not essential.


If you have 600 pts or more, we could setup a game on THU or some other day.


If you don't have a unit table-ready, you could still borrow a platoon and share part of one of our battles.

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Hi all, I know this is an old post, sorry if it go against any rules. I also am new to flames of war and want to learn how to play. I have a Cromwell with Firefly platoon, 2 Challengers and an American paratrooper group. I live in Central Oregon and can't find a group but will be in Portland this weekend and was hoping someone might be around for a game/teaching me. 

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Agreed. Lots to see on SAT, 25th.

Options for playing/learning are:

  1. Getting someone who is in the tournament to stay and grab/reserve a table after the tournament (SAT evening)


         2. If you are still around Portland on Sunday afternoon, someone in the group could arrange a teaching session either at Guardian Games or Oregon City Geeks and Games, whichever is closer to where you are staying.

Here is site for OCGG http://ocgeeksandgames.com/


Personally, since I am running the tournament, I will not be staying late after the tournament. 

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