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Old Hammer: Playing 6th and 7th Editions

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As i'm not satisfied with Age of Sigmar, and i didn't like where 8th edition took the rules and the universe, are their any players in the Portland area that would be interested in playing some 6th or 7th edition games and kicking it oldschool?


The more i see where GW is going (or has gone) the more i hanker for some of the older editions and that tactical gameplay. Best case scenario would be getting a group together for some friendly games, or maybe even a campaign. Im a professional fantasy cartographer by trade, so making a large oldschool campaign map to use would be alot of fun!


I have Empire and Beastmen armies, and i am usually in at Guardian Games (or Red Castle Games) Saturdays or Wednesdays.


Here is the Facebook Open Group page I made: https://www.facebook.com/groups/883855898368313/



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I stopped playing sometime during 8th edition, went back after a while and stopped again.  I quite agree, 7th edition was my favorite (which is not to say it was perfect, I just liked it's problems more than I liked 8th's problems).  I might be able to catch a game some Wednesday during the workday, what hours are you available?

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Ohhhh boy, Chaos Daemons, the most hated list in all of 7th Edition, lol. My poor beastmen and empire are going to get smacked! I can't do the 29th as i will be attending GenCon that weekend, but I could do the 5th.


How many points would you like to play? I'd prefer to start smaller and work our way up.



Man, I miss this edition as well. I am not sure I still have the rulebook either.


I actually just picked up a used mini rulebook at Guardian for 10$.

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