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Hi there...


I just wanted to send a note out regarding the OFCC.  Due to time constraints and a busy personal life this year, I personally have stepped aside as a long time Senator of Ordo.  I have done my part in assisting and running past OFCC's for years.  This year I have not been able to lend a hand...which kinda sucks, but on the lazy side, got me out of a lot of work :)


You see...we need to thank those who do so much WORK...and trust me, it is a LOT of WORK to put on the OFCC year in and out.


Not only is there the tireless event weekend itself...


Even venue research.  Talk about hours of discussions, driving with own personal gas money, and negotiating rates to make it as affordable as possible.


You have at least 30+ hours of meetings in person, which do not include the countless hours of online discussions.


You have the countless hours of army ratings and reviews.


I can't even put a number to the hours of time of terrain building, storage, organization, and caretaking.  Terrain days can eat countless Saturdays.


Then you have the loss of actual real work...OFCC wouldn't happen if those who ran it didn't take vacation days from work, and for some that means days without pay, just to put this event on.


Then of course there is the endless "pre OFCC unhappiness"....sometimes we feel we are just venting our frustrations with how an event is run.  But when  you consider the personal time and resources that these individuals have put in over the last year, they often feel like a lack of appreciation for all the work these ones do.


Sure, I'm a bit biased.  Like I said...I've been an Senator and have done all the above work in years past.


But I think the time to thank all those doing all the hard work isn't when the event is wrapping up at the award's ceremony.


The time is now.


Thank you guys, all those who have done the countless hours of work to put this event on.  Buy these guys a round of drinks.  Treat em to lunch.  Think of your admin staff.  Give them a hug, a butt grab (Shane really likes those).


Thank You Ordo Senators and all those on the OFCC committees for your hard work.  Pat yourself on the back.  It is a wonderful gift to the gaming community to have your efforts.


Thank You.



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I've been to (I think) 9 OFCCs now. Might only have been 8. Enough that I'm losing track. The event was a good one when I came for the first time, and it's just gotten steadily more and more fun for me since then. So many thanks to the people who have put in so much work to keep this event not just going, but growing, evolving, and improving every year. There have been a couple of years in that span where I basically fell out of 40K, didn't hit any other events, barely got any games in or did any work on my models, but there's a reason that the one 40K thing I've always done, every year, is to make it to OFCC. Thank you.

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First OFCC.

Zero wins, team came in dead last, already planning next year's army.

Thanks to everyone who made this possible and five great opponents!


This just reminded me: I was also on the dead last team this year. A few years ago, I captained* the team that won Best General. Both years were a whole lot of fun :)


*This doesn't mean I actually deserve any of the credit for it. The fact that we had two players drop, and ended up with Mr. More Tanks and The French Overlord as our subs did rather more of that ;)

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I didn't have as much fun as I could have and I'm sorry to my opponents. I feel the list I had really diminished the game for all of them. In hindsight I don't think my list should have been approved and/or I should have brought something different.   It's a fun list for me to play and usually pretty tactically challenging, but it was really too much for OFCC. 

Hopefully I can come up with something more balanced and fun for everyone involved if I get to play next year. 

Winning fabricator general was quite a surprise and thanks to everyone involved with that.

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I did actually have some particularly fun moments in that game, specifically the last stand of the Champions of Fenris, but yeah, it wasn't that great of a matchup competitively. I'd love to take that on sometime when I'm running one of my genuinely 'ard lists sometime, tho.


Yeah, I didn't really know what to do against that list, I figured  you had a prayer, and I knew that Saul, Dale, and I really didn't.  

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