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H: Terrain W: Cash and some trades


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My trade rules
1 Don't just hit me with "How much?" If you want something tell me what it is and make your offer. If my thing is worth $100 and you are thinking you will offer $5 don't waste time. If I planned to give it away there are a few places locally that would love it.

2 Lower ref score pays/ships first.

3 In a trade we each pay for what we ship

4 Ill pay for basic uninsured ground shipping with a tracking number as long as it is less than 30% of the purchase price.

5 You pay for anything special delivery needs or for shipping charges if its more than 30% of your purchase.

6 If you think you have something I may want which corresponds to bit is not on my want list offer it, the worst Ill say is  no, but thanks for the offer.


in this order

Really Really prefer Cash via PayPal, Cashiers Check, or Money order-----I will not ship prior to Money Orders or Cashiers Checks posting to my account

I haven't been gaming in quite a while so these are lower on my list but open to consideration

D&D minis, no particular ones. I'm not a collector and do not place an particular value on these. Their intended use is for D&D pen and paper RPG

Star Wars minis, no particular ones. I'm not a collector and do not place an particular value on these. Their intended use is for Star Wars pen and paper RPG


Id consider the following

1-2 Trolls
1-5 Squigs
1 Ogre Tyrant   
Any "Mordheim" orc or goblin. I don't hold these to a special value, but am interested in them for the different sculpt from all of my rank and file WHFB OnG units.


Other characterful minis for D&D or Star Wars pen and paper rpg





These are some kinda rigid rubbery compound. Im not sure where I got them

https://www.flickr.com/photos/64964760@N03/19617705995/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/64964760@N03/19431108309/in/dateposted-public/ https://www.flickr.com/photos/64964760@N03/19622084521/in/dateposted-public/
GW Tower



Don't remember manufacturer but they are stone fence sections

https://www.flickr.com/photos/64964760@N03/19591504536/in/dateposted-public/    https://www.flickr.com/photos/64964760@N03/19622071461/in/dateposted-public/
Don't remember manufacturer but they are sandbag wall sections

More GW Storms of Magic

Home made from  bits, crumbling ruined building, has small pieces of debris

Scibor Dwarf pieces, each piece is based in order to work as unit filler or as individual terrain pieces. The GW tree is just there for scale

https://www.flickr.com/photos/64964760@N03/19591509916/in/dateposted-public/  https://www.flickr.com/photos/64964760@N03/19429671608/in/dateposted-public/
Battlefield in a box tree set


The whole kit and caboodle together ^^^ I took the pics so I wanted to use em dang it! Ignore the old 3rd ed 40k trees. The belong to a friend and didn't notice them in the original pic.




Also have the current copy of the Lizardmen book and a storms of magic book and a copy of the forge world Monsterous Arcanum

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