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Tuomas Pirinen WFB 6th Edition game designer reviews AoS


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He's being overly diplomatic if you ask me


Possibly.  I like his point that they are free to make models in very dynamic stances.  Not having to worry about ranking up should make for some interesting possibilities.  Although if they really have gone to the larger scale, like they did with the Sigmarites, it's a moot point for me.  If they do keep with the original scale, and the models are pretty nice, I could see myself buying some slick Vampire Count or Skaven models for my Fantasy army.

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This kind of jumped out at me:



All in all this targets a very particular kind of consumer: Ideally affluent, social, and focused on collectability of very high-quality designs -very much the Apple tactic. It is a huge gamble to see if this is new direction works.


I don't think that's actually nearly as much of a gamble as Pirinen paints it. GW's been testing the waters for that approach with 40K releases for the last couple of years, and given how quickly a lot of those have been selling out, seems to be having some success with it.

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I do see it as a big gamble for GW. This is a never before tested strategy from a Game Company to totally scrap a system for something completely different in my eyes.


The closest I can think of (at least, concerning games I've been attached to) was when Confrontation went from 3.5 to Age of Ragnarok. It was a pretty huge departure in MANY ways - not just rules. Rackham moved to pre-painted plastic figs, too, which were pretty terrible all said and done. At the time, they had arguably the best metal sculpts in the industry, and this move - along with the change in the rules - was an attempt to go more 'main stream'.


It failed. Miserably. They used that same model for AT-43, too, and it failed as well. RIP Rackham.


But Rackham definitely wasn't GW. Some of us know the term 'too big to fail', and GW might be the closest thing we have to that in the wargaming world.

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Well Sony Online Entertainment did something similar with Star Wars Galaxies when they created the NGE (New Gaming Experience) and scrapped their existing game platform. They had a rabid fanbase with SWG, but it wasn't the numbers they wanted. Especially in comparison to WoW. They lost 90% of their fanbase, and the game died some years later.


Not saying it will play out that way here, but I think it's definitely a gamble.

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