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Cheap AOS from a FLGS in PA


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Age of Sigmar Starter set, brand new, 85.00 and free shipping.

I basically have extra of this set at my two shops. Since the rules are free, and many people already have armies, the set is selling very slow after the first week. I estimate i have about a dozen too many. So I'm putting these up basically at my cost. There's no need to send me PM's about saving one for you, I'm not running out. Only send me a PM when you have paid for it.

To make this easy on all of us, please follow the steps below:

-Paypal 85.00 to Mikenjudyc@aol.com

-Send me a PM that you just sent me money. Let me know your real name so I can match it up to the paypal account and confirm payment.

-Please doublecheck that your address in paypal is correct, otherwise your package isn't going to the right place.

-If for some reason you don't have your address in paypal, you need to tell me where to ship to in your PM.

-If you want to get the same deal at my shop, that's fine, but you need to deal directly with me (Mike Clark).

-I can't ship outside the US, sorry.
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Whuh? You had every one broken? I'd call GW and get a replacement.

what i mean is every sprue I have seen has that one axe/hand joint broken.  if you look at how far the sprue dips down at that point, it is pretty obvious it is a bad sprue design.

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