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28mm freckles?


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So I've got this running gag with my marines, that I'm painting them as gingers with bright red hair. Nothing against gingers, but more poking fun at sci-fi. The idea is that something like less than 5% of the world population is ginger, so having the super humans of the far future all be ginger is a bit humorous, I think.


Aside from that, I like painting red....


Anyway, how to do freckles on 28mm models? Should I even bother?

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How'd it turn out?

Still haven't "found" the right brush for it. Faces aren't done enough for freckles anyway.


I'm doing that thing where rather than painting one model at a time, I'm trying to paint the entire army at once...Not always the best plan.


Though on subject with things I'm painting, need to work on my free hand for this guy:



And this guy:


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