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hats off to you captains/sylvos

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droppin deuces, chop omega, rampage, abusement park and shop of chop: honestly my team had ZERO complaints about any opponent and we all struggled mightily to actually pick favorite opponents.  really this was a smashing fun time and i appreciate conversing and rolling dice with each of you guys!

john, thanks so much for the random scree slope that my longbeards vanguarded on and got miasma'd so they never moved the entire game.  luckily evan always screws up his frenzy tests so they at least had something to do... but jokes aside, with the amount of scotch you put back on saturday -even moreso than me- it was far impressing how well you did everything and this dwarf player was very happy with you conducting an excellent event.  best ofcc so far for me(hopefully not the last...)!

thanks a bunch guys!

nate, from the warhooligans


EDIT: oh and james downie.  that was seriously the nuttiest game i think ive played.  we whiped basically our entire armies off the board by turn 3..... i only had miners left on the board and somehow pulled off a non-deserving draw due to my laugher of a comp score.  generally if you told me i only had miners left on the board i would have assumed it was because they failed to come in until turn 6 and i was already tabled :P

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Lol, I saw that. I did say lie down - not be wrestled, thrown down and then pinned there!!

Oh no... That was all him. The wrestling was rain dog in the hallway. Proof positive that fantasy players will always win out head to Head against the ba Head against the bad guys. ER... 40k guys
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