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OFCC 2015 WFB Final Scores

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Also - I should like to point out a few things on the scoring so that others don't feel like their team didn't perform well.


Every team did very well during the event, and I do mean EVERY team. 


For many of you this was your first time dealing with a Swedish comp type event and also first time facing some End Times units/lists.


No one team did terrible in any category.  I was very pleased to see balance and an excellent display of sportsmanship through the entire event.


I have had some questions about painting and I'm happy to answer those now:

1.  The Painting was the entire hobby not just your skill with a brush.  This organization is full of people who are fantastic painters but perhaps not the best at conversions or very creative when it comes to basing and vice versa.  If you received a 15 as the base point level that means your army was painted well.  If you got a 20-24 that means your army was painted extremely well.  Anything above a 25 meant that your army was painted incredibly well and I do mean incredibly, you had completely original bases/display/movement trays and your conversions were rife throughout the army. So please keep that in mind.  


2.  I did all the paint judging, so there was only 1 person grading everything.  I took on this responsibility to ensure that there was consistent grading through out the entire process.  


3.  Only 1 person scored a 30 and that was because the entire army was one masterful conversion/painting/basing project.  I mean literally it was rad.  


4.  We have an amazing amount of artists in our community.  We had so many armies that received a base score of 19 (15 for base + 4 for painting), that in itself is incredible.  


So pat yourselves on the back for a job well done in the hobby. Should I run this event again I will be changing the category to Hobbyist instead of Painting.



So in closing, when you break out numbers to represent performance for a weekend there is a large disconnect between how you feel you did and how you did on paper.  You shouldn't allow a numerical value to make you think you did poorly during an event, let your experiences and memory dictate how much fun you had and what your enjoyment was.  That said - people always want to have a "winner" in a category hence the stack ranking of everyone's information.  


Thank you all for being not only exceptional opponents but also great sports and it was a pleasure running your event.


John Kersey

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Well done indeed, but I think you mean fav opponent (?). We were a little disappointed DMBz: Nut Punch! didn't repeat and defend our Marshall Johnson award. Not enough to refuse Overall mind you, but the Sportsmanship award is the one we were going for. Not that 5th in sports is bad.


Congrats all around to everyone for a great event and outstanding weekend!

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