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THSFT Aug 22-23, win Cruisehammer tickets!


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When: Aug 22-23


Where: Red Lion Hotel, Bellevue WA (15 mins from SeaTac airport)


What: 2 day, 5 round GT 


Who:  Mr.MoreTanks of Team0Comp, is the new TO! 


Cost: $60


Painting is not required.  HOWEVER, to be eligible for ANY prize support, your army must have 3 colors on it with no metal or plastic visible.  (Primer counts).  Even raffle winners will be held to this standard!


We've been fixing our terrain issue! Since the January event, we've created over 150 pieces of terrain.  Many of which are large enough to hide Land Raiders!  Come for a great competitive time with excellent players.  Earn coveted ITC points and practice in the ITC format!  Plus, you can win the greatest prize ever from a 40k event, a Cruisehammer ticket!  Check out the link below for further information on TSHFT as well as Cruisehammer.  One ticket goes to Best General, Best Renaissance (combo of Sports and Appearance), and one ticket available to anyone through a raffle!  Plus, if attendance is high enough, we will raffle off another spot on the ship as well.  


The cruise is scheduled for August 2016, so you have plenty of time to plan ahead for it, should you win a ticket at the event.  








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