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Anyone playing Dropzone?


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Hello all,


I am almost done painting up a full two starter sets worth of UCM and Scourge, and would love to start playing some games.   I don't mind supplying all the models, or doing some proxing of my two starter armies to make one cohesive UCM or Scourge army vs anything else.


I have played a couple games, but it was a while ago, so these would definitely be learning games, but I learn quick, and will definitely brush up on the rules before playing.


I live in the Milwaukie, and Guardian Games is a short drive away for me, or I could get to nearly any other store if it is convenient.  Weekends work best for me, but I can make an random week night every once and while.


Hope to play some games, been out of the scene for a while,



P.S. I would also love to play some AoS, but only have 40k models, but am interested in trying out that system before I buy in, total side note I understand.

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Did someone say Dropzone?


I have a large-ish PHR army and a small Scourge force as well. I live in Vancouver and play a lot at Dice Age. I've been trying to get a Dropzone night going there, but have been too busy this summer to really make it happen.


Right now I'm gearing up for GenCon (where I will be spending some time working in the Sropzone booth). After I get back, I'd like to get a Dropzone group going somewhere.


I've talked with one other guy on here that would like to learn the game. Lets plan to meet up in early August and see what we can do.

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Great to hear from you, I had a great time with Shmitty, and am pretty pumped on the game right now.  Just send me a PM when you want to get a game in, I feel fairly confident I could lead us through a small, starter army plus style game or two.  I have all the miniatures needed for a UCM - Scourge fight of that size.


Anyways just let me know,and we can set up a time and place.



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