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Method for cutting Resin


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Basically I have a lot of fully painted bases on my daemons that look like this:




They're a pretty solid resin.


Because they are solid, and don't have elevated edges like GW bases, I'm wondering if there is a way I can trim down the corners to turn a 25 mil square into a 25 mil round. I know this will do some damage.


I've drilled holes in them with a dremmel before, but never cut the material.


Anyone have any suggestions on a tool that could do a curved cut on these?

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I wonder if you could use the drill bit that is a cylinder. I forget what they are actually called. Just a thought


Metric Hole Saw,though getting it started without the center drill bit is not only very hard to do but rather dangerous , it would likely run off on you and wreck the others on the piece.


I would probably mask up and use a medium grit wheel on my bench grinder after marking out the circle on the back of them.Would need to cut out the squares first and just go slowly shaving off the corners then finish up to the circle lines,you could probably put a fairly decent looking bevel on them too.

Easy for me to say though as I used to be a tool and cutter grinder,heh.

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A while back (4th, or early 5th ed 40k), got some Hirst Arts tiles for my 40k Witch Hunters. The pattern I decided on was square, so I glued the square textured bit to a round base. Opponents did not complain at all. It looked nice and was really easy to apply.


40k opponents won't care if you are textured squares mounted on round bases. Heck, 40k rules say to use the base the model came with, so no need to even switch to round bases. I can't imagine that new WHFB actually has rules forcing the base switch, as that just isn't GW's style.

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