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Model find: metal right handed power maul for terminators


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Looking for a metal right handed power maul for terminators


Do they exist?


I'm looking into making a DW knight unit and I'd like to stick with my OOP metal model theme, if possible. OOP metal storm shields are always mounted to the left side. So, need a right-handed power maul.


That said, I can't seem to find any of these. Even the Chaos terminator power maces are for the left hand, as far as I've seen. The OOP "Force Rod" arm is for the left hand too. Haven't found any righty metal Crozius arcanums yet, but those would work if for the right hand.


If they don't exist, that's fine, but if they do exist it would be neat to know. Thanks.

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After much searching, looks like they've got a metal Right Handed Force Staff, via the "newest" metal libby GW produced.




It would be a horribly expensive bit to acquire for the purposes of just that one arm. Not sure I like the arm that much either.


Though, I suppose, anyone need some metal TDA libbies without a force staff....? I'd be getting at least 4 of them, and I'd have use for 1 max, so I'd still end up with 3+ metal TDA libbies missing arms. Probably not viable. If there was enough interest, I may consider it, despite cost.

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