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Guardian Cup List


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ok so its time to flex my crons out some more having only played a few games i want to give them more of a work out and where better than the guardian cup.


Decurion Detachment


Reclamation legion


Overlord: Void reaper, phase shifter


Immortals: tesla x5 DT Night Scythe


Warriors X10  DT Ghost Ark


Warriors X20 DT Ghost ark


Tomb Blades x3 partical Beamers nebuloscopes and shield vanes


Annhilation Nexus 


Canoptek Harvest: 6 wraiths with whip coils and 5 scarab bases the spyder has the fabricator Claw array



Comments and what you think should change i own the destroyer cult and i'm just trying to debate if i have time to get all 9 destroyers and the lord painted and built before the 8th of august.



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Gives me a doomsday ark for long range at and 2 anhilliation barges to sit next to it and if you pop the shield on the doomsday ark I can activate it again with one of the smaller barges sacrificing their shield it doesn't do much of anything really

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