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Painting Primaris Quadrant table for 40k


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So I've been asked to paint a primaris quadrant board for a store opening this weekend.  Figured I'd share pictures as I go for general reference since this is a fairly uncommon project.


I'm going for a muted color scheme so it looks like a nice background to play on but doesn't overpower the minis on the board or take away from them too heavily.



This is a mid-step photo.  I've tried to use a less-uniform scheme, though at this point it is essentially still just shades of gray, no dry brushing or detail work.  I've yet to start adding some toning browns/greens (minitaire ghost tint, I choose you!) that will give it a little more life without being cartoonish.


The airbrush is making it worlds easier and using WAY less paint than GW's instructional video with a brush.


And here are all 6 pieces laid out together under artificial light.


If you look closely you can see some splashes of color where I've started adding some rust to some metallic features.




I'll try and remember to take more photos as I proceed, gotta get it wrapped up by Saturday, so time is tight.  Doesn't help that my wife's birthday dinner is tonight...  :unsure:

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Saw it last night was very cool so far. Good contrast of greys and blues. Made me jealous, as all that detail looks like fun to paint.

Yeah, it is definitely not finished, but they wanted to have them (board and buildings) out for their pre-opening party.  All those buildings were painted between 8am and 10:30am that morning.


I'll likely try and take one building every couple weeks to detail them to a good standard; the board will be another solid project by itself to further detail all those features that definitely deserve it and should look pretty nice when it is finished.  I'll update this thread when there is more to share for those who haven't gotten into the store in person.

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