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What's my next army?


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Help me Ordo-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

Considering what my next 40k army will be. I'd consider myself a modeler more than a player so I'm focusing more on theme and cool conversions than winning but being able to rock up and actually challenge an opponent couldn't hurt either.

The goal: 2k army, everything (or a good portion) converted and/or scratchbuilt with a strong theme.


1) Adeptus Arbites. Probably run them as Sisters of Battle with Blood Angels. Sisters as heavy riot Arbites and penal servitors for the Blood Angels.

2) Khorne Daemonkin. Beastmen with Marine torsos and shoulder pads look really good. Then mutated animals for the Daemons/Monstrous Creatures. Lots of cool modeling options to show the feral nature of these devolved murder machines

3) F-it, go big. Four of the bigger Knights, one for each Chaos power. Not sure if I can even do a legal list like that but the possibilities are interesting. One giant knight for each god gives me four large centerpieces that I can lavish with attention.

4) Something else. Anyone have that crazy army idea they've never seen done but would love?

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4) Something else. Anyone have that crazy army idea they've never seen done but would love?

The one I always wanted to do but didn't:


300 Army.


Straken and 299 other guardsmen.  Cry every time you have to deploy it. I made test squads that I use for vets from time to time.  Catachan bodies, greenstuff capes, WGF Shields and Spears. 


You could do a less extreme version with just a normal guard list and not actually 300 dudes.

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Custodians?  Tall helms, inscribed/embellished/full-on-bling armor, halberds, etc.


I think they've been done before in a number of ways.  Go full on true-scale with every pose being unique and do them as Grey Knights both to have relatively related rules (maybe not the psyker stuff so much), and a lower model count so you don't hate life partway into the process.




Custodians.  Go literal; power mops, lobby-buffing-machine attack-bikes, windex-bottle hand-flamers, etc.

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With Sigmarines comes great Custodian convertability.  Just missing Guardian Helmets and Green stuff embellishments.  Hell, they're already "True Scale."




There are some fabulous Beastmen conversion armies out there.  Some of my favorite have utilized Tau bitz instead of Marine Bitz, at least in places.  Keeping the legs a bit more debatable 3+ instead of unarmored 3+

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Daemonkin have some awesome potential for Conversions. I had a lot of fun working on mine, making unique daemonic MaulerFiends and Spawn and stuff.


As it currently stands, the 4 Chaos Knight thing is really hard to run outside of Unbound, since there are no Chaos Detachments with multiple LoW slots. That said, they are a valid choice for a Khorne Daemonkin Army that has a LoW slot, and they get BftBG when taken there, so you could combine option 2 with a start on option 3.

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