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An Idea....If I May

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So birthing from a voice of a man with a belly full of beer, with unnamed amounts of Gin coursing through his veins, vomited upon ears an idea that I think would suit the Warhamsters quite nicely.


That's right Hamsters posty Mc. Post Post is back on the boards after a lovely little hiatus of furiously painting models for an Ordo Fanaticus (club challenge?). I know its very difficult straining your eyes to read all this hoo-hah and jib-jab. But much like the Dyson V6 Motorhead...suck it up.


So we as a gaming community pride ourselves on helping out other gamers within our own community(screw everyone else on the outside I guess). Whenever a hamsters has needed a play tester for a game they're designing many will step up and gladly answer the call. We answer each others rules questions. Trade models back and fourth. Give each other insanely irresistible discounts on armies we are selling (Loren). We are a community and because many times we put our own devices on pause to help each other we are a damn strong community. But what about our gaming systems?


We have the cliques of gamers within our club that fill their own niches. Take for instance myself, before I began to play the gaming field I played only Tyranids from warhammer 40k. If anyone suggested that I should try out a different platform I would violently spit in their face and piss their boots, which isn't easy to violently piss despite common misconceptions. However like celebrities after one year of marriage, I began to play the field, I tried out infinity. I hated the game yet there were aspects of it that I really did enjoy. But more importantly my playing helped an already sparse gaming crowd of infinity players become excited about their game. A new player to play against. A fresh face in the utterly non-existent crowd. A new noob to curb stomp. Thanks again for that Jim.


However the point is, as much as we love to play our specific games, how often are we leaving that bubble of gaming security to try the other games and help those gamers enjoy their games as much as we love ours? What was proposed and an idea I really do like, is that those who are interested in polygamous gaming relationships form together to spend maybe a month together on each gaming system. Yes that means playing games like X-wing, Saga, Flames of War for a month, but establishing a gaming crowd.


I know in text this is about as confusing as a pope in a porn convention, so let me lay down what this would look like.

For Example:

August: Saga

Each week we play a makeshift tourney with some type of method to implement bragging rights. Still to be determined.


September: Flames of War

Same as before and so on and so forth, where we continue on different systems.


So in summation, what do you guys think. If this is something that interests you and you want to be a part of a illuminati super secret brotherhood, let me know your thoughts. If you hate it and think I should throw my genitals in a food processor also let me know. Either way, hit me up with some feed back as this influences us all.

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This could be fun. I occasionally have an intense desire to play a certain game but am usually up for whatever anyone wants to play. I love demoing for people. Mini tournament I don't know about at least not each week but if people wanted to do a mini tournament at the end of the month after they got a few games under their belt and enjoyed the system then sure. I don't want hamsters to feel obligated to play these games though but I have a bunch to choose from and some games I have multiple factions for so I can happily lend out forces. I would be interested to hear some feedback from others to see if people really want to try this out.

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I'm down with having a game of the month, but share others' concerns about dictating what folks play. Having a separate leaderboard each month for the given game would be cool. Folks can still play what systems they want, but only their games in the chosen system would count for that month.


I think having the winner choose the next months game is a bad idea. It should be what the most folks want.


Please add Kings of War, Frostgrave, and Wrath of Kings to the list. Also, Age of Sigmar isn't a game, so should be removed. ;)

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For rankings, would we be talking ladder? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ladder_tournament ? Or straight win/loss with a minimum number of games played? Or win/loss weighted by the number of games played, so that folks are not just rewarded for winning, but for playing.


I think the games played times ratio (1 for a win, .5 for a draw, .25 for a loss) would get the most folks playing, and not have problems with challenging. Maybe the last week sees the two top-ranked folks squaring off for a winner-takes-all death match?

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There is always the option to rebel as well. Part of the idea of alpha hamster is making sure your choice isn't too horrible. I foresee allot of split decisions and this would just be a bit of built in ordering. Just about all of these games should be played eventually, Shrugs. I can respect your worry of power plays and this giving people to much of a reason to win.


Could go either way just an idea, with great power comes great responsibility especially for a hamster :)

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