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Warhamster shanty...

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I also thought this was a shanty town, was very concerned as I do not feel like locating nor constructing such said things. However a pirate shanty seems way cooler and I can tickle the Ivories pretty well. Let me see if I can't finger out a tune (you like that one?). Unless of course there are some more musically inclined individuals.

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Nah, the lyrical trick is to set the stanza up for a rude rhyme and replace the offending word with Hamster, ala:




A man of the sea once confided in me

As he drunkenly sank to the floor

That he'd had every hooker in Bellllinghaaam

He'd basically gone door to door.

Of all of these ladies, the filthiest one

who called him back thirty times more

Your mother he said, had a discounted bed

But was good, for a four-dollar haaaaamsterrrrr.




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