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A. Poll might be a bit premature? Lets talk about it in person this upcoming Tuesday. I'm on board with having a leaderboard for a different game going each month, with bragging rights at the end, but also want to be able to play a variety of games.


Possible game-wise, a lot of us will be playing a lot of Kings of War in the upcoming months. Also, I'm going to try and be playing a lot of Frostgrave as well (a Mordheim style campaign skirmish game). Both games are miniatures agnostic and have a lot of locals interested.

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Here's an idea... Let's come up with a pitch for different games. Just a short paragraph, with some basic information. Name of game, average length of game, miniatures needed (scale, number, whether or not proxies are readily available), availability of rules, and a sentence or two on game play.


Let's collect a bunch of that stuff, and then vote on the first game with a bit more info in hand!

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