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Played first game of AoS

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So I won't bore people with specifics of the game, as it was just the boxed set contents, and due to a misread of the rules, I think it put me over the top a bit, here's my thoughts of AoS:


It's fast-paced.  It's fairly easy.  There's a lot to remember.  It's ultimately at this moment, rather boring.


I'll break these down individually, and again, I've only played the one game and this will talk about the future:


It's fast-paced.  It really is. I mean, granted, I wasn't playing massive armies, but turns were fast, and well managed.  There's a bit to remember in the regards of "oh yeah, have to do hero powers first before moving" but otherwise it's quick, we went through a full game in no time at all. 


It's fairly easy.  As with most games coming out these days, this is a trend I really enjoy; basic game concept rules are quick, and easy to get. The complexity comes from the units themselves it would seem.  People get started moving models and rolling dice very fast.  I read the rules in about five minutes and was playing right after that, generally looking back for the occasional piece of reference.  There's some rules lawyering that can be extremely odd and I think actually there to try and inherently balance things for the worse, most notably the fact that it appears based on how I read it, if I charge multiple units, I do one combat, and it doesn't force the other unit to swing back, my opponent can choose another unit that was in combat and do that.  It's interesting, not entirely sure I'm down with it, but ithere's not huge bonuses to charging in the first place, so it's not that big of a deal. The fact that I can charge a unit and another unit that I didn't intend to charge resides within 3" of a model of mine makes for some interesting work, because you can end up getting engaged by models you were trying to avoid, or not get involved at all.


There's a lot to remember.  Hero powers and unit abilities and the other stuff will take time to ultimately get the hang of, but thankfully the war scrolls (if they were printed) should make that easy enough in the future.  I was constantly trying to remember what certain powers did.


It's ultimately, at this moment, rather boring.  Right now, I'm fully aware that the game itself is brand spanking new, and there's nothing but old models and hastily thought up warscrolls with stupid "I pretend to be riding a horse and cupping a chalice" rules out there.  As noted above with the fairly easy, complexity I feel will be added by cards. Right now, the fact that there are no tables and that I simply roll to hit and roll to wound strikes me exactly how the 'made-up' rules of their demos worked  for so long. Things are essentially linear, and there's not a lot of things to make me go "wow".  Everything seems rather milktoast in the regard where you're squishy or tough, and it's basically 4's to hit and 4's to wound most places.  


I'm really wondering if the whole no points thing is going to pan out.  I personally don't know if it will, and some things have to change because for instance, Demons from what I'm told seem pretty crazy since they can summon more of their type.  So you could (as it was explained) bring a small army to get the bonus instant kill, and then summon a ton of things and dominate.  The "victory" section doesn't seem great on that, it basically says play until one side is wiped out, but as noted, if you summon, they don't count as models started, only models killed, but since they're models it doesn't quite go into if you lose the game if an equal number are killed.  At least, not from how I read it.


I do, however, see some potential in the game.  I do like the briskness of it, although I don't see it being more fun with more models. For a brief, split second I began to wonder if they aren't going to just go "forces of light" and "forces of dark" and that you can mix and match whatever you want as long as they are on the different sides.  While I don't think they'd do something like "book of light, book of dark" I do think that there will be an allies matrix that is a lot more simple than 40k.


Anyways, those are my thoughts!  People can feel free to enlighten or clarify on things I put here, as I'm certainly no master on the subject.

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