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AoS Battle Report: TK v Lizards

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Played a tomb kings vs. lizard men battle tonight on a 3x5 table.  No special terrain rules were used.


Tomb King Army

Tomb King

10 skeleton archers

10 tomb guard

3 necropolis knights

3 sepulcher stalkers

3 Skeleton Chariots

1 necrosphinx


Lizardmen Army

Kroq Gar on Carnosaur

Skink Priest

10 Saurus w spears

10 Skink with blowpipes

5 saurus cavalry

Engine of the Gods



Turn One

Lizards go first.  Hero phase the engine rolls a 6 on the table, doing d6 mortal wounds to an enemy within 25", which just happens to be the tomb king.  Lizards roll 6 for wounds and the tomb king is reduced to dust again before even uttering a word in the game.  Lizards then advance up the board.  Kroq Gar bounds up the left blank (at a very fast pace) accompanied by the saurus cavalry.  Also moving up the left flank, but at a slower pace is the Engine of the Gods and the Bastiladon.  The skinks hunker up on some back field terrain and the saurus infantry advance slightly, but anchor the center.


Botton of One

The general gone, the tomb kings are wondering how to pull this off.  The chariots move up positioning for a charge on Kroq-Gar.  The tomb guard move to support, but with only 4" movement they are not going far.  The necropolis knights move up the center looking to engage the saurus.  The necrosphinx proceeds up the right flank looking to get into the backfield and at the bastiladon or engine of the gods.  Skeleton archers hold and the stalkers emerge from the sands in the backfield.  Shooting is meh, but the chariots take two wounds off Kroq-Gar.  The chariots charge into combat which makes them very potent.  However the player rolls 5 sixes for armor saves, so only another 3 wounds go onto Kroq-Gar.  The big guy attacks back but the dice now turn cold.  However the saurus cavalry are now within 3" and pile in, putting a few more wounds on the chariots.  One chariot is gone, the remaining two have 2 wounds.


Top of Two

Tomb Kings win the roll off and the battle momentum swings.  The chariots summon back a missing model thanks to the banner.  The lizardmen player looks crushed.  The necropolis knights slam into the saurus.  The tomb guard charge into the chariot/Kroq-Gar combat.  Skeleton archers try to plink away at the saurus fav but only do one wound.  The stalkers shoot and wound themselves. Awesome work guys.  The chariots attack, but not counting as charging this turn are much less effective, one more wound on Kroq-Gar.  In the middle the saurus take everything the knights dish out, making all their saves.  The knights take two wounds back.  


Botton of Two

The Engine of the Gods rolls on the table and a unit is summoned, this time some ripperdactyls.  They are positioned to guard the Bastiladon from the impending charge of the necrosphinx.  The Engine slams into the melee scrum between the chariots and Kroc-Gar.  The big guy attacks and this time his dice roll true and whittle down the chariots to one model left.  The tomb guard however finish off the big guy and he goes to the dinosaur graveyard.  The Engine finishes off the chariots - no coming back for them.  The saurus cvalry really hurt the tomb guard, cutting their number to 5.  


Top of Three

The tomb kings go first.  The Necrosphinx charges the bastiladon which is a complete mistake.  The bastiladon you see ignores rend, so shrugs but 2 of the sphinx's attacks becoming a mammoth tar pit.  To make along story short, things slam into the sphinx and it's dead...and game over.....by the end of three.



Take Aways

  • Engine of the Gods is insanely good and fun
  • Tomb King Chariots are fantastic
  • Tomb Guard suck.  At 5+ armor and 1 wound each, they are just so very very fragile.
  • Never get a necrosphinx stuck in with a bastiladon
  • Stalkers...uh, no.
  • Saurus impressed me as basic troops.  Tough and lots of attacks.


Anyway, another fun game.

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Yeah, TK chariots are tough with that resummons effect,I had 3 of them tarpit 30 goblins for several turns.


And yes Saurus warriors are pretty solid,My son runs that formation that gives extra attacks with shields and Jaws and don't have to take battle shock tests.Hoping to get to try it against my freshly built Eternals this weekend,heh.

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