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Narative 40k practice game battle report (DA+GK vs SM)


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Anyway, did a practice game against the "Guardian Consuls" a DIY chapter from one of the others in our facebook group. He had some cool fluff for his custom chapter.


1500pts. We played on Heraphon 2 (aka, we didn't use any special rules or missions). We decided on maelstrom.


His army was roughly:


Ultra marines Space marines with SM tactical objectives.

Combined arms detachment.

HQ Captain (Warlord, custom hero level 0, relic artificer armor, fist, plasma pistol, and some sort of rending fixed warlord trait.)

Elites Assault Terminators (3 claws, 2 shields)

Troops Terminators (5, made objective secured & troops via his custom hero rules, heavy flamer, 2 chainfists)

Troops Tactical squad (10, plasma gun and combi-plas)

-dedicated Rhino (Dozer)

Troops Tactical squad (10, plasma gun and combi-plas)

-dedicated Rhino (Dozer)

Heavy Devastator Centurions (3, 2 las/missile, 1 grav/hurricane/omniscope)

Heavy LR Redeemer (MM)


My army was:


Grey knights primary with GK tactical objectives.


Nemesis Strike Force

HQ Brother Captain (warlord, fixed warlord trait "first into the fray," psilencer, soul glaive)

Troops Paladins (3, made scoring and troops via custom hero rules, 1 stave, 2 swords)


Consecrators (DA) Combined Arms Detachment

HQ Company Master (TDA, Chainfist, Shroud)

Elites DW terminators (5, all shields, one also has cyclone)

Troops Scouts (5, 4 BP+CCW, 1 BP+CCW+MB)

Troops Tactical (5)

-Dedicated razorback (TL lascannon)

Heavy Devastators (5, vet with fist, 4 with MM)

LoW Cerberus Heavy Tank Destroyer (MM)


Pre game stuff.


Diagonal deployment zones. Table had lots of ruins, with a few bastions in the center (dilapidated buildings). 6 maelstrom objectives basically placed in each 2'x2' section, within a ruin. Turn 1 was night fight. I won the roll off, but was the only one with a super heavy, so I opted to let him deloy first and go first.


His deploy was assault terms and custom hero in the redeemer in about the center of his deployment, a filled rhino on either flank and the centurions in a ruin in the center of his deployment zone.


I deployed the filled razor and the LoW behind a ruin in the corner of my deployment zone. Devastators were on the edge of the deployment zone, just in a ruin. Scouts inflitratated to the corner to my right, to secure and unguarded objective in no-mans land. Both ICs joined the DW terminators in DS reserve. The paladins also in DS reserve.


I seized turn 1. Die was somewhat cocked and I re-rolled only to get a six again (I later retired that die, as it seemed to roll high a little too often).


DW term unit auto arrived due to the "first into the fray" warlord trait. They arrived behind the LRR and centurions, with split fire LOS from their cyclone to one of the opponent's rhinos. Paladin unit landed on an unguarded objective, in ruins.


Turn 1 shooting was largely uneventful on my end. I "plinked" 1 HP off each rhino and was unable to do any charges.


Opponent's turn 1 was very "reactionary" to my DS unit. His rhino by the paladins disembarked a tactical squad and wounded a paladin. Other rhino hid. His warlord and assault terms left their LRR and moved to assault position. Grav centurion split off his fire to shoot at the DW unit. I lost 3 TH/SS terminators to shooting enemy shooting and my sergeant in a challenge with his 2++ relic armor captain. In return, I killed 1 of his TH/SS terminators with overwatch, resulting in tied combat. His Centurions also glanced my razorback.


Turn 2 I advanced the LoW and destroyed a rhino from the enemy army, for first blood. Paladins assaulted the tactical squad, killed to members and they fled (only to auto re-group). Lost a paladin here. I lost 1 more shield termiantor. Company Master challenged the enemy warlord and won, my warlord and remaining cyclone terminator killed the enemy remaining two shield terminators, leaving just the LC terminators alive. Those LC terminators failed morale and fled off the table, leaving victory to my 2 ICs and one surviving DC terminator. My tactical squad also disembarked to grab a close by objective.


Opponent's turn 2 tried to DS his troops terminators to assault my broken deathstar, but they mishaped into ongoing reserve. Still, his shooting was enough to reduce my unit down to just the DA company master. Tactical squad regrouped and assaulted the paladins, killing them off. He did minor damage to my LoW.


Turn 3 my LoW advanced again, and killed a marine.... My company master assaulted and destroyed the enemy Land Raider (1 hit, 1 explodes result).


Opponent's turn 3, tactical squad which killed the paladins, bolter the scouts enough to get them to flee very very close to the table edge. Terminators arrived very close to my LoW and then shot my tactical squad down to 3-man. His shooting failed to kill my DA company master, but he killed it in assault with his tactical squad. Managed to get a third HP off my LoW with glances, every last one.


My turn 4, I thunderblitz the terminators with my super heavy. I killed all but 1 chainsfist terminator who opted against death or glory. Scouts moved back to their ruin objective, but didn't do anything.


Opponent's turn 4, chainfist assaulted the LoW and did 2 HP of damage (5 lost of 6 total HP). Opponent killed off some of my devastators.


Game ended here, due to shop closing. I had 5 VP and my opponent had 7. I lost, but we had a very good game.

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