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Brother G's Ostermark Empire

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Okay, so I am starting up a new army. I have a fairly decent core to play with right away, but I am looking for some advice.


One of the units I received was a 30 strong free company unit. I also have 20 state troops to assemble. So the question becomes, do I keep the free company as is? or do I convert them into swordsmen? And then what do I do with the 20 state troops?


The problem with the free company is that they cannot have detachments. However, the extra attacks are nice, especially when combined with a WP.


I am also planning on having a greatsword regiment available, so is having three rnf melee units that can have detachments too much? At most I'd really only be able to fit in two.


Anyways, just want to hear some opinions on it.

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Hey Bro G! Im presuming you are playing 8th with these guys? and Not AoS?


If you are playing 8th my free company are great at tar pitting a big unit of an enemies. Chucking a WP in there gives them a decent chance of staying put and with a buff or two from a near by wizard they hold their own nicely. I haven't run them under 30 though in a game. 


The 20 State troops are pretty awesome as halberds to give you a bit of Hammer along with the great swords you have. Any spear units or sword units i use in small numbers as redirectors  and then that allows me to get a charge off with other hammer units like demi's. 


If you ever wanna try out combinations of my 4k empire army against one of my other armies to see what works and ideas on building your own feel free man! Bring a few beers and head up to Vantucky! :0)

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Free company, not a fan.

However....the can be converted fairly easy into characterful swordsmen. I'm actually a big fan of infantry based empire in 8th edition warhammer.


I've played significant amounts of games against empire, despite what people say halberdhorde isn't the only way.

My good friend kicks me around with


25 Swordsman, FC

12 Halberds detachment


25 Swordsmen, FC

12 Halberds detachment


20 Handgunners

10 Archers Detachment


20 GreatSwords,FC

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this is the model i have for a witch hunter: better cast and cheaper than g-dubz.  go figure lol.  i have the rest of the empire characters from scibor as well that im using for mordheim... its a good purchase if you want cool looking characters to offset the standard 10$ shipping cost *shrugs*



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