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Malifaux Crews For Sale *new prices*


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Hey guys, I am thinning my wargaming collections.


I rarely if ever play Malifaux anymore, so I am keeping my Arcanist crews but selling everything else.


These are all V.1 Models and cards. Everything comes as shown in the pictures. Models are assembled but unpainted unless otherwise noted


C. Hoffman Crew: (20$)



Guardian (Unpainted)

Watcher (Painted)

Peacemaker (partially assembled but box and all parts are there).





Lilith Crew (some cool bases started from cut up GW trees): (45$)


Terror Totsx3 (one terror tot missing arms I think)

Young Nephiliumx4 (two of them are in unopened blister)

Mature Nephilimx2

Lelu (partially assembled but all parts there

Lelu's sister (cant think of name)

Stitched Together


Picture 1

Picture 2



Seamus Crew: (15$)


Rotten Bellex3


Copycat Killer

Crooked Menx3 (missing about 3 hands in total =( )





Other additions:


2x Waldegeists (make offer)

Convict Gunslinger (make offer)


Pricing negotiable

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