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I am officialy done painting for the OFCC!

Ladies and Gents,   As fall approaches, I am looking on running another Escalation League ending in another Rampage.   The league will start on September 18th with an Infinity boot camp and end on

I rocked out three games today.   The Fate and Fury tournament was a good way to spend a day.   The first Game was against the Naked Panda and his Hassan. Fortunately, he was clothed. Unfortunate

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  • 3 weeks later...

So, After three weeks away from the club, I managed to make it down to game night despite a pesky flat tire that tried to up end my day. An hour late, I found myself facing Seth, who had arrived to the club a few minutes before I did.


Seth has bad luck when facing me. His dice and my dice like to help me when we play. The table had two long, diagonal fire lanes and a series of one level buildings placed close together for places to hide.


The club was playing Seize the Antennas and had already set a table. I won WIP and had Seth set up first on the opposite side of the table. He opted for me to go first. He prefers to go second. I know in Seize, you want to go last, to have the last shot at grabbing antennas, but I knew I could dictate pace and board control. Plus, my list has no MSV. He had a smoke launcher and a Ru-Shi. I needed to try to take one or the other out before he could play smoke tricks on me.


Seth huddled his troops down leaving a TR remote up as his sole ARO piece.


I set up with the Muyib haris on the right and the Ghulam team to the left on building giving the sniper and missile launcher a diagonal fire lane and in view of the TR Bot.



I started with ML prone and started the game by shooting the TR Bot. I needed 14's to hit. I rolled a 19, 18, and a 1. Seth was at a 5 being at -6. His dice favored me again and he missed.


This allowed the Farzan in the center of the board to rambo up and start blasting with his boarding shotgun along dice lines of troops hiding behind buildings and walls. The  Ru-Shi and Lu-don failed to discover as I approached.



The Farzan took down the Ru-Shi, a pal bot, the GL, and put a wound on the Shikami. Then, he took down the Lu-Don. The pal bot behind the Lu-Don made its armor save.


Finally, the Farzan died to a crit in a fire fight with his smart missile bot, trying to take out him and the LT behind him. 


Sacrificing one Farzan for 5 models in Limited Insertion was well worth it.


With my last orders, I walked up my Muyibs to the center of the table around the center console, broke the link and went into suppressive fire.


Seth healed the Lu-Don with his pal bot and jumped it up to try to fix the TR Bot. AROs blasted the Bot. Seth spent his remaining orders unsuccessfully trying to remove the Muyibs from the center of the table.


For my second turn, I had the Muyib spec-op hit the center console and a Ghulam FO break from the link and hit my side's console. The Ghulam went back and rejoined her link. My Barid dropped a repeater with its pitcher and I continued to hunker down.


Seth worked on killing the Muyib Spec-Op. He FO'd with his all purpose Bot and got his classified.


On my last turn, I took out his all purpose Bot. Then, I tried rambo my second Muyib into his backfield to take out his Lu-Don and, smart missile Bot, and his LT. The Muyib  took out the Lu-Don, but the smart missile Bot killed him.


On Seth's last turn, the hit his close antenna.



I won 6-4.


We talked about the game. Seth thought he had the center covered with multiple fire lanes. He did not expect the Farzan to walk in unscathed.




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10 hours ago, Raindog said:


We talked about the game. Seth thought he had the center covered with multiple fire lanes. He did not expect the Farzan to walk in unscathed.

On 6/15/2017 at 0:14 PM, Raindog said:

Maybe the take away for me is... if i'm ok with a 30% chance to cover a lane, then I should not be surprised when it doesn't work 2/3rds of the time :)

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I  had a nice game against Berman (sp?) tonight at the club. I had the club play Frontline. Berman was very aggressive with his Tohaa. He surged hard and I had a terrible time trying to peel them back. They are fast, have lots of wounds and symbio-mates. It took three turns to be able to position myself for the win. Berman made me earn each band. In the end, I managed all three bands with the help of the info-war. 

The club terrain is cleaned out and ready for OFCC next week.

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There is a growing pile in the back bedroom of Infinity and OFCC Projects. 4 Mats. One table worth of terrain in four boxes. ITS pack. patches. printouts of teams for table reservations. Army. Army bag. Battle Kiwi prize support, Marsbarn Designs prize support. Models for DKieft for 9th age. Print outs for the ITS. 


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My Top Five Favorite OFCC Infinity Tables.

1. Chris Matthews, FUC Table. The table looked so professional, that some uninitiated gamers thought it was painted by the manufacturer and not by Chris and rattle cans.... I could stare at it for hours.

2. The Warhamster Table. It looked like an actual place. The table was well thought out both tactically as well as artistically. I loved the Chessex dice cube zoo.

3. Sacred Hitless. The table was beautiful and very uniform and cohesive. The table was little to asymmetrical, but it was Andrew's first go.

4. Sino Evil. This table probably should be higher, but I see it all the time, so it is not as fresh. The Geisha hand painted on the side of Top Down Terrain building as well as the graffiti of club mates is top notch.

5. The Porkchop Express table. Yes, it had some play ability issues with open fire lanes, but the concept was great. I wish it had a subterranean level like the movie, but still. Joe built and painted the table in a week.

What did you like?



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