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The Infinity Run

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I sprayed the box. It has to dry before putting in the shelves (despite drying out in the warm sun).

The project ate two cans of Quik Spray.

Everything expanded a bit from the paint until it was dry. 

Next, I am going to buy large strips of Velcro to adhere to the back for patches and pins. 

The box is very sturdy, but took two sets of hands to assemble some sections. My wife was a total help. 

Later, last night, I added faux shipping container labels to the red, hex cargo box I painted before OFCC to add a little flavor. Then, I dug out some Devlin Mud, added water, and washed the boxes and labels to add some grime. Who has ever seen a clean shipping container?


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Next project:

Assembling the Dakini SWC box. 

I would like to paint 300 points of OSS plus the Marut before next year’s OFCC. 

Speaking of the OFCC, @Exile did a great year of running the Infinity event. I am looking forward to next year’s event: Four Games (3 on Saturday and one on Sunday) and Sunday morning TAG Death Match. 

Next year, I am challenging @PaladinX and @Sgt. Rock to bring tables, too. 

Hopefully, @scottshoemaker can help me spray a few new buildings for a new table. 

And, I am hoping @evil_bryan will print out a few new pieces of terrain to add a WOW factor to the desert table. 

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