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I am officialy done painting for the OFCC!

Ladies and Gents,   As fall approaches, I am looking on running another Escalation League ending in another Rampage.   The league will start on September 18th with an Infinity boot camp and end on

I rocked out three games today.   The Fate and Fury tournament was a good way to spend a day.   The first Game was against the Naked Panda and his Hassan. Fortunately, he was clothed. Unfortunate

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I ordered more rare earth magnets, so I base my models and unless, I start cannibalizing WHFB models, I need more. 

The Kryza is assembled, but waiting for magnets on it's base. I have four more bases topped and waiting for magnets. I started a Grenzer model. I am working my way down the rabbit hold for models I am hoarding. I saw Wild Bill is a part of QK, and fantasized making a QK list. I don't have enough Odalisques or Sekban, but it its fun to dream. 

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Modeling today consisted of popping MDF from the board. I used @ninefinger's penny trick. It keeps the popping a controlled depth so wonky angles and jagged teeth of the Hexagon Mill ladders won't break. It is club terrain and  I did four sheets of ladders tonight. Tomorrow, is a clean up day and I can start the gluing process, I ladder at a time. 

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With a long post, or set of posts to follow, I have been working on my Battle Kiwi terrain. I bought some two year ago. It was so nice, I was too afraid to assemble it. Well, I am doing it now. It is high end. I am not remotely disappointed. I am completely impressed. Everything is cut so well. Everything has a great design. So far, two fo the Alpha buildings are up and drying. Some of it snap fits. The ladders are  so much nicer than the Hexagon Mill. It is not pre-painted like the Hexagon Mill, but it is pre-primered and has its own masking tape on it. It is just smart.   

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On 4/13/2020 at 5:33 PM, Ish said:

I went to go check out their shop, just now, but it’s been taken down. Nothing there but a note saying that, due to New Zealand being on lockdown, they cannot ship anything out nor build anything. So they’ve taken down their website in order to give it a revamp.


I saw the same thing.🙁

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From the photos. The key to the good design, is not only does everything fit off the roof to hold the structure together (the center tabs of the roof fitting in the slots of the walls), but the foundation piece (picture two) reinforces the whole structure. 


Basic rules:

1) Put the acrylic pieces in first. It is a tight fit and you may need to rub a slight mold line off, but not too much. You don't need glue.    The acrylic comes in several colors when you order. I picked green .

2) Rubber bands are for holding the doors on. The doors are just an add to the surface piece. 

3) The walls are pre-primed and pre-masked (the brownish color on the pieces). Peel off what you like,  level the rest for future painted. Be careful using a knife, you can damage the primer. 


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