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September 19-20 in Portland?


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On a side note, I would also be super happy to run demo/learning games for anyone who schedules with me before hand!


I know boatloads of you have seen how sexy the game looks, how loud the happiness of the players are, and want in on it too...


Just drop me a line and we will have much fun and learning!

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i mean we could meet at guardian too its just i never know with that place how 'packed' it will be.  sunday nights are RD's gamenights generally but idk if he's back from vacation yet at that point? gamenights are at 4pm and your first night is 'free'(we pay dues for each time we come).   


from convention center: just take the street car down MLK to the stop past guardian i think its salmon(WOW is only a few blocks from it on main) and walk there. im sure people would love to have you for a demo night/teach us a bit!

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saturday is a possibility and actually id prefer it generally cause my wife works saturdays.  but as for WOW i dont think that is possible without a senators approval/opening the place up(as i am not a senator).  but yea if saturday we could just meet at guardian.  but if we get some interest for an 'infinity demo day' and a senator is on-board then its a possibility....

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Reminding people that I will be down there 19-20 and would love to get games with anyone that would suffer the company!


I have to stay nearby (few miles walking is A-Ok) the convention center cause my wife will be using the car. 


I will go to guardian or wow or wherever people do the things they do in your city, just tell me where to be!


I have a box of terrain bits for Don't Panic that I (hopefully) will not forget!

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