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First WarPorch 40k Tournament at Haus Fluger Oct 17th


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Info Here:  https://warporch.wordpress.com/2015/08/02/first-40k-tournament-october-17th/


Tournament Rules Here:  https://warporch.wordpress.com/tournament-information/


Here's the quick and dirty though:


2000 pts

3 Rounds

Oct 17th

8 Player Cap

No Entry Fee

No Prizes

No Paint Requirement

ITC Event for both FAQ/Format(except for 2k pts)/Ranking


Please go to the FaceBook page to let me know if you plan on attending:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1595406587387338/


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I'm Not on Facebook, how many spots you got left?


5 people plus myself have said they are going (for those wondering, my wife and I are listed as going, but, well, we're hosting).  So, that leaves 3 spots left.  I can play or not play depending on even/odd. 


Also, I know that skkipper is interested in playing with his son, so if there are 2 slots open, they'll fill it (that's what she said). 

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

No [big bad swear word], I got to get up 430a to get there by then. So yes some of us are dedicated foot soldiers. Fluger this better be worth it :p


Very excited to come out to your first tournament.

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Well, Just to kinda put my thought process into perspective, I like providing food to people, and so lunch makes an obvious choice.  Starting at a more typical 11 and running 2 hour turns might get us out in time for people to go get dinner (maybe as a group?), but I'm really trying to play up the relaxed pace of a garage game.  


If we'd rather run faster and start later, I can make that work too.  Maybe even start at noon and run late?  


We'll see.  

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