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H: Huge 3.5 and 4e D&D lots w:$$$


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Listed below. Books are well used, but still in good shape. Some are from a former smoking home, but have been sitting for quite a few years in a non-smoking one. Shipping is separate, but if you buy a bunch we can make a deal.



-=4th Edition=-

$10/Ea - 

Player's Handbook x3

Player's Handbook 2

Player's Handbook 3 x2

Manual of the Planes

Psionic Power

Monster Manual


Divine Power

Adventurer's Vault

Player's Option: Heroes of Shadow

Martial Power

Arcane Power

Dungeon Master's Guide



-=3.5 Edition=-


Complete Champion

Complete Scoundrel

Races of Eberron

Races of the Wild

Complete Arcane

Complete Psionic

Complete Divine

Complete Warrior

Complete Mage

Races of the Dragon

Complete Adventurer

Races of Stone

Races of Destiny



Book of Exalted Deeds

Book of Vile Darkness

Expanded Psionics Handbook

Player's Handbook

Player's Handbook II


$20/ea -

Spell Compendium

Magic Item Compendium

Tome of Battle - The Book of Nine Swords


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