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Flames of War Early War


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GG a.k.a. Guardian Games, in Portland, OR.

Standing event is Thursday evenings, 6-10, @ GG.

If you want to stop by in that time slot, we can take a break to talk to  you. I can bring my Blitzkrieg book and show you the EW Polish Army in Fow


If Thursday does not work for you, I was considering adding a secont event @ GG on Saturdays, perhaps 2 saturdays a month.


GG has of most the books in stock, and many Polish army bits.


I have FoW (Flames of War) 15mm Early War (EW) Soviet/Russian.

I also have unparted stuff for an EW German Army.


These are the FoW books that cover EW Polish:
FW301 Blitzkrieg - Battlefront

FW003M FOW 3rd Edition Rulebook - Pocket Edition

FW226 Know Your Enemy: Early War 2013 Edition
Contains complete Early War Arsenals, Warriors, and National rules for: German, Italian, Japanese, British, French, Finnish, Soviet, Polish, Greek, Dutch and Norwegian forces, with Airborne Assault Rules, Raiding Rules and Raiding Missions.

One person's onpinion on building a FoW EW Polish Force:

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Polish forces in exile appear in many campaigns in EW:


Polish Army in France (1939–40)

Poles in France, 1940

Poles in Norway, 1940

Firestorm: Norway
9 April - 10 June 1940

Poles in North Africa, 1941:

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Sadly I live up in Bellingham, WA so Thursday night gaming is a no-go :(.



Side question, if I wanted to make "The Polish Home Army" out of the Red Bear book. Would that list be acceptable in tournaments? Or is a list like that mainly for scenario fun stuff.


If it is tourney ok, would the list even stand a chance if played well? I'm not needing it to win every game I just don't want to expect getting wiped off the board every single match lol.


Thanks for all the responses

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I'm still trying to finish up my Black Brigade army - I'm in the basing phase at this point, but haven't had a lot of time to work on it lately.


Any army list in the books or digital is acceptable to bring to tournaments - though the Polish Home Army list can be tough to play (though it looks AWESOME on the table and certainly gets you style points in my book)

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If you do build and use this Army, I would like to hear how it works for you.


Looked at the PHA in Red Bear.

This army would be challenging but different from most of the tourny armies.

It could also be adapted to be "morphed" into any one of these forces:

-- British Home Guard for an Invasion of England alternative history battle (ask lazarus about this type of campaign).

-- FFI force in Overlord book.

-- German Volksturm in the Berlin book.

-- Various Partisan and Polizei battles

-- Soviet Militia in the Barbarossa Book.




A good fighting withdrawal army, or hit-run-bypass-and-hit-again army.  Mostly defensive, except against other infantry armies.  This army provides you with subtle opportunities to psyche out your opponent.



Excellent morale. All or almost all Fearless

Can use Soviet Special rules.

Special movement rule allows infantry to double-move through rough terrain, so can be faster than motorized/tracked in rough terrain.

Lots of sources for figures.

Colorful and varied figures and models.

Polish Strel unit can use Soviet national rules.



Not suited to open terrain.

Dies quickly, due to training levels: Conscript to Trained.

Not much here to take on LW heavy armor. Will need pioneers and flamethrowers on heavy armor.

No AAA guns. If your opponent has air, stick to dense terrain

Large units are difficult to hide in terrain.

Small number of armored units, and not much in each of those units.

No recon, so cannot lift “Gone-to-Ground”, but you can provoke enemy to fire on you (Recon by baiting).



Memorize and apply the Ambush rules.

DO NOT be passive with this army.  Seize the initiative as often as possible.

Plan your ambushes and counterattacks.

Study each mission carefully and make a clear plan how on you will win.

USE terrain and the barricades as the basis for your battle plan.  Where the terrain does not give you what you need, use the barricades wisely. Dense terrain and obstacles are your allies.

Cover barricades with infantry, or snipers, backed up with guns/MGs farther behind the barricades, when the barricades are breached or assaulted.

Don’t be afraid to use home-made weapons. They are cheaper than the “regular” weapons.

Practice with and use flame throwers.

Practice with and use snipers.

What armor you take should be used for counterattacks, or to psyche out your opponent.

Build at least one large infantry block for holding an objective, or blocking enemy movement.

Outfit one infantry unit with the upgrade for pioneers, so that they can defend against or assault heavy armor, unless you expect your armor to handle enemy armor heavies.

Build the barricades with removable pieces in the middle.

Study WWI trench-warfare tactics for ideas.  The terrain and barricades should be used similar to trench lines: layered defense, local counter attack.

This briefing has good advice for building the army: http://www.flamesofwar.com/Portals/0/Documents/Briefings/AKModelling.pdf


Kindred spirits online:










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Wow thanks for the replies and resources!


My only worry with the list is dealing with a late war armored company. Max I can take is the two panthers, two pak40's and up to 6 10.5cm howitzers. After that I will have to rely on gammon bombs and infantry teams. So my question is even with savvy play is this list useless vs armored companies?


If I go with this army I plan on only using 1 platoon of the conscript rifles. The rest will be the Kedywa which count as trained. My howitzers, mg teams, and mortars will also be conscripted but the rest should be trained (all support units except artillery are trained). I also plan on maxing out the strelkovy unit as a sort of "what if soviets weren't D's and allowed the Polish army in USSR to cross the Vistula into Warsaw to help the uprising?"


That was the initially idea behind the uprising timing but of course Stalin wanted Poland for himself so he literally had the entire army cease fire for days allowing the Germans to help squash the uprising by bringing divisions off the soviet front lines into Warsaw. Then once the uprising was failed Soviets marched in and claimed Warsaw... Bastards

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I wouldn't count on the conscript Mortars being able to do much of anything, or any other type of Concript unit attempting bombardment. Artillery, Mortars, and other teams that are trying bombardment (template attacks) depend greatly on their training level to be able to hit the targets under the template once they are ranged in.  


For Example:

I use US units. Veteran 6-gun battery of 105mm arty can hit/destroy just as well as Trained 4-gun battery of the bigger 155mm heavy arty. Sure they don't have the punch power, but they hit more teams under their templates, and the 6-gun battery allows for reroll misses.


If your wanting some of your units to do bombardment, its worth it to pay the points to get them to Trained instead of Conscript.

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ZEKE is right on the bombarding units.

The cheap guys would still be good as "speed bumps" or "tarpits" (whichever image you prefer).

They would be acceptable in any task that does not require a skill test:

-- Defending in assault

-- shooting direct fire

-- sitting on an objective...

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