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Wife and I are looking at some of the new crews to get started in malifaux.  We dont have a rulebook yet since the one I want seems to be consistently sold out.  


Outside of crews what do we need to get going?  Can we look at the rules before buying?  Is there a gaming group near albany?


Also we are looking at Collete and Ulix for starters.  Anything terrible there?

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So I just started with my brother, and there is an awesome site out there for newbies:




Just make sure you're looking at the 2nd edition versions of the guides. The right pages should have "M2E" in the title.


If you don't mind .pdf versions (with clickable page numbers), drivethrurpg has the mini-book for $10.

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You'll need:


Rules (ie mini rulebook or the larger core M2e rulebook)

Stat Cards (come with the models)

Tape Measures

Fate Decks

Markers (game generally uses 30mm round markers for various things, but for learning coins work in a pinch.  Most people use blank 30mm bases)

Dry erase markers (they work on the stat cards) or small dice (either option works for wound/condition tracking)


If you know you want those models based on the look, regardless of their rules, then you can pick them up and they come with the Stat cards required to play them.  That and the mini-rulebook will get you started.  I'd recommend a fate deck for each of you; technically you can use a regular poker deck with jokers but having to constantly do the suit-conversion and remembering jacks-queens-kings are 11-12-13 can be a bit much on top of learning the game.


I'd also very much recommend finding someone that knows the game to run you through the demo so you can more easily pick up the basics without spending too much time flipping through the rulebook; they'll be able to quickly answer whatever questions you have and get you playing more quickly. 

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There's also a starter box coming out, should be available later this month. $65 for two 4-model crews (one Guild one Neverborn), quick-start rules and a digital download of the full mini rules manual, two fate decks, and two tape measures. If you're not into the models it's probably not worthwhile though; none would be useable by Colette or Ulix.

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Also FYI, Colette's plastic crew box is apparently coming out in September and Ulix is not out until December, though both are currently available on Wyrd's webstore for a very limited time during the GenCon sale. I don't expect the sale to carry on past today, but they haven't announced when exactly they're closing the sale.

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I don't know about Ulix, but Collette can be a bit trixy to learn to play with.


Rasputina and Kaeris are both female masters and fall a bit more in line with the core rules of the game. Also they are arcanists so will have some synergy with Collette.


The above being said, if you really like the look/background of Collette's crew then go for it.

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My .02 as a fellow newcomer:


The fate decks are super fun, and though a bit slippery, they're super durable. They won't mark up, which would be an issue long-term for normal cards.


They also have great artwork and really add to the feel. Part of what I like about skirmish games is how much more quickly you get to the full aesthetic compared to battle games. Fate decks are an important part of that full aesthetic, imo. Plus, when you cheat down your own master's card for the win, it's just devilishly satisfying :)


That starter set is an awesome deal, btw!

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The fate decks do really help put you in the world. My Favorite deck at the moment is the 2012 walpalurgis deck. Its got the old tyme'y astetic to it. I really like the backs of that deck. (ps if anyone has an extra I'm looking to aquire more than one)


The newer plastic cards are awesome, they last forever barring some outside damage. Poker card technology has advanced signifigantly in the past 10 years since the popularity boom of poker thanks to TV. So Good for us we get the benifit of an industry that is very hard on cards.


Also if you missed out on anything that will be a way later release, I just heard that Wyrd will have some leftovers from the conn into the webstore this week.

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