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Lord Hanaur

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Less than 10 hours to go before registration opens up to a new League of Ambassadors! The success of filling our first bracket inside of two days time is allowing us to open up another group to battle for armed supremacy.

Remember: Just one Ambassador may represent the finest hour of your codex. Be the first to represent yours and prove your place amongst the stars is deserved.

Gateway to Ascendency: Engage!

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There aren't.  Lol.  Of course not.  


We had a player register for the incorrect army.  So I just designated it "Dark Angels" until i can fix it, so it doesn't slow anyone else down.  Eventually I'll have a mechanism to fix things like that through the dashboard but right now I have to do it manually.  No biggee.  it'll get fixed.

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Alrighty folks. I wanted to remind you all that the Early bird Price for the Ambassadorial Tournament ends in a couple of days (you have through Friday). A ton of you have taken advantage of the Early Bird pricing, and I know more of you are making plans to be there. So just a fair warning to all that the time for Early Bird Registration prices is almost at an end and normal registration will soon begin. http://40kambassadors.com/register.php

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Codex: Inquisition is a stand alone Codex.  There will be no Codex: Inquisition Ambassador competing this year as you can see on the Registration page.  Obviously that means none of its units will be appearing either, as it is not a supplement to any force.


The Assassins are allowed in Imperial forces as I mentioned earlier though.


As for Codex Eldar Harlequins they are, of course, allowed as a Detachment within the Eldar Ambasadors (only) repertoire.  It is identified clearly in its title as Codex: Eldar, Harlequins.


Keep in mind, per the rules we've posted, that the primary Detachment must of course come from the Ambassadors primary Codex however (Codex: Eldar), which will affect the Warlord traits you will be using.  Obviously the purpose of the entire tournament is to have the Codex's represented by their respective Ambassador to the fullest extent posible, showing all the good uses that can be made of them.  So every attempt is made to ensure that the Ambassador truly does represent the home codex and its supplements.  =)

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