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Returning to my First Love: Space Marines!


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Even though I have been playing Fantasy for so many years, I actually started with 40K and Space Marines.  Back in the late 90's I was Managing Editor for Leadership10.com (anyone remember that?) and was pretty much the only staff member to even play 40K.  Well, now that WHFB is giving me the finger, I am returning to 40K and building an Imperial Fists army.  Yay!


So, what do I need to know?  My first real question is about Formations.  Where can I find them?  I do have the Exemplors of Dorn list which is pretty neat but where can I find the rest?

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Pretty much all the Formations you're going to want are in the SM Codex at the moment. I think most, if not all, of the others are for specific Chapters other than the Fists. The Sentinels of Terra supplement is also pretty cool. No new Formations, but it's got an alternate Chapter Tactic, different Relics, and some FOC swaps.

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West rider nailed it. The sentinels of terra are imperial fists with slightly different Bolter drill, I still haven't decided which I like better in general but for pod armies sentinels seem better course if you don't want to paint yellow I'd actually recommend ultra Marines the doctrines are one use per game rerolls much like the imperial fists Bolter rerolls but they apply to everything. Finally maneuver into perfect position with something? Use a doctrine to make sure they pull through. Very space marine.


As far as the formations go the actual battle field role (troops, fast attack, etc) matters very little now so force org swaps are not important like they once were.

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