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another army bolstered!


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Hello there,


Tomorrow I will bolster my Imperial Guard forces by taking a nice jaunt to our northern neighbors!


1 Valkrie
1 Manicore
2 Leman Russ
3 Basilisk

6 cadian heavy weapon
2 Sentinels
79 Cadians
6 Storm troopers (militarum tempestus scions)
unopened warhammer (not 40k) ogres
5th edition imperial guard book (basically worthless at this point but i will throw it in anyway)
universal templates
dice cube
plus plenty of stickers, spare parts, etc all in a neat plastic tub


All for $ 155.00 US!  Thank you Canadian Craigslist!


Why am I posting this here?  Because if no one hears from me in a long time just assume that this was some elaborate international plan to draw me out into the open so that the forces aligned against me can have their revenge.  I shall not go quietly however... and if you get a collect call from a Canadian province detention center, please pick up.  Many thanks!


Stay safe,



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Eli, not jealous... happy because there's more models for local gamers to borrow, too!


On a side note:  I've been painting up a storm and building up an actual army list for the counts-as-Dark-Angels force I'll use at 2000 points.  I'd say that over 50% of the army list is painted so far!


Stay safe,



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